July 24

User operation of mobile browser

until now every day in the computer on the Internet, often cannot do without the PC browser, either IE or third party browser, and everyone on the computer will often have two or more than two of the browser. Similarly, in the mobile phone terminal Internet we also need to use the browser, some people may say that I only need to use the browser how WeChat? WeChat itself to open a page using the WeChat or provide their own web browser, so the browser is very important for Internet users is also very critical. In the mobile terminal, mobile phone browser is also more and more, in the end some of the PC browser in the mobile phone App application store also basically can be found, for the mobile phone browser and PC browser will have the same understanding there are differences, especially from the operational point of view, we should pay more attention to mobile phone browser user operation.

first, the mobile browser is more than just a browser. Nowadays, many Internet Co, especially those with browser products, often develop corresponding mobile browsers in the mobile terminal. But they have a common point, is not willing to just do a browser, but the browser, whether mobile phone or PC browser is a browser entrance as the user through the browser, the network traffic will be guided to their product, and then use the user traffic to do value-added services other ways to achieve profitability, otherwise all the browser on the Internet now more and more, why there are so many functions of the same product will have various versions of the browser.

second, mobile browser should pay more attention to user experience. Because of the defect of the mobile terminal, the mobile browser has little screen size and information display, which makes it easy to bring the lack of user experience to the mobile browser. Especially the operation part of the mobile phone browser 3 inch intelligent mobile phone before the early, often appear on the screen touch point is not allowed, single hand operation is not convenient, because the mobile phone operating system version of the browser is not compatible with a variety of different problems in user experience for mobile phone browser greatly reduced. In addition, the mobile browser has a very important aspect is the response speed and traffic consumption. Why more intelligent mobile phone users when mobile phone operating system itself has its own browser, go to download a third party browser to use, the reason is that the third party browser there are a lot of through continuous optimization, the user response time and traffic saving aspects will be better than the mobile phone browser itself several times. So a mobile phone browser if you want to win the favor of users, this two aspects no greater advantage so often cannot attract users.

third, mobile browser should pay attention to the importance of user accounts. The user account mentioned here refers to the same as the PC side. The user logs in to a website or system and needs a practical pass. The importance of talking about accounts is that a large part of the user’s browser can be imported through the PC side, and the key to the user’s import is >

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