July 24

Talking about the repeated strength in the unconscious of website operation

in the operation of website products, the repeated force in the unconscious is also a direction that needs to be paid attention to. In the past, there was a kind of advertisement that was most annoying in TV commercials. It was simply the name of the brand which was called several times. Companies are not paying for advertising, so why are they so annoying? That’s because advertising planners even have to repeat the force. Even though the method used is stupid and stupid, it still works at a given time.

of course, this kind of advertising is almost extinct today. But this does not mean that this powerful force will not appear in the website operation, but only for a more subtle form of expression.

many enterprise site when doing the brand operation, often sneak into their own brand, in detail, for example, if you have observed Baidu and Google search box next to the search button, if you see it you will find both of them joined the corporate brand name. The search button is a search to the search engine site must pass through, but also users are most concerned about the place, it can use more simple two word "search" to replace, but we can see Baidu and Google chose to join the brand name "Google search" and "use Baidu Search" surface look a little more "much", is actually a brand into a clever operating strategy, get more user impression.


in addition to each search users will click on the search button, we can see the search results page in the page design is also very clever, as shown below, we can see the Google search results page if the page number of the letter "O" instead, while Baidu is in its own logo "bear’s paw" instead. This makes people feel very good, also can put the brand logo without limit into people’s brain.


even advertisers directly advertise the user’s login code must be passed, which is the operation of pure business.


The verification code we see in figure

is no different from the traditional verification code. The main difference is that the text in the picture is no longer a random string, but the text chosen by the advertiser.

it’s a way of making money directly. Maybe you’ll say that this ad has anything to do with the power of repetition we’re talking about. In fact, what I want to say is that, for this verification code, we are not necessarily limited to commercial use. If you do not change the way of advertising, not to make money, you can consider that the company would like to express the most information through the verification code, can make the brand information, can also be the latest product information, market information and so on. This allows you to repeat the site in the unconscious

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