July 24

Some minor details that should be taken into account in website administration

many people are writing how SEO, how the original article, how to advertise. But apart from this, there are small details that require special attention.

I made http://s.www.socotton.com China cotton trading network in 06 years, and it has gone through a lot today. I also realized some small things. May be forgotten, and here to share with you, from the point of view of the management of the site, how to do better, more help user experience.

begins with the user’s first step and begins to alert the user:

sees a lot of B2B website supply and demand information is very simple, even very simple "XX supply, and some links", a few words on the end of the pull, the biggest disadvantage of doing so is to affect other users experience. And there is no benefit to the long-term development of the website. So when the user starts to register, he reminds the user of the requirements and format of the release information. The information can be sent. The information can not be issued, how to send, how to send, so that users have a primary impression.


releases information, it should be prompted in detail:


started to register, we had a primary impression on the user. But in the release of information page, but also to strengthen the user. Correctly guide users to send messages. This information looks comfortable.

increasing supply and demand information update:

the supply and demand information is best arranged in time so that users can modify the previously expired information. Thus saving the user to re release information cumbersome. In particular, the supply and demand of a single site, the supply and demand information on those 10 varieties, the user sent over the past, nothing more than those products. Can not always supply and demand information expired. Users also need to write the same supply and demand information once. This leads to repeated supply and demand, and is not conducive to SEO.

users release information as long as not for the rule, try not to delete:

because my website has a lot of supply and demand information released every day, there are new users, users have modified the previous. Pay special attention to the time. How do users modify the previous supply and demand information?. Not quite up to the mark. But it was passed again. When you do not delete, because this information in search engines, may already exist. If you delete it, I personally do not feel very good. You can not go through the audit, but the normal list of the front desk does not show. However, the direct input address is displayed. You cannot directly indicate that the information does not exist or has not been audited".

these are some small details, and I hope to share with you.

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