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Zhang Diou (school CEO


this is a good article, it is in the implementation of product design, studied the different mode of domestic online education institutions, at the same time with the end users to exchange a lot, has accumulated some experience in design. Today, the importance of online education product design has become the consensus of the industry, as a third party platform operators, hoping to share some feelings with the industry to explore, with a view to the number of experts.

noted that this paper only online education website exists as the network of educational institutions here, those with a single point of breakthrough of the network learning website (for example, the word back, curriculum, exercise is not included).


school web page design

one in innovation without innovation

must have a lot of friends reading this, will look at it to make what looks like, because the experience is from the campus network design summary, so it must first explain the campus network model. A former friend of mine interviewed me the other day. He mentioned a problem: "campus network positioning is to solve the network learning community of autism, but why not see from home."

this is a large amount of information, then the friend wrote the manuscript, the name "big" from the creative ideas, in fact, this is what I want to share the largest share, namely "some product design can be completely subversive innovation, because some industries due to user habits, really in compliance with existing users group use habit, even looks like some soil".

Chinese education training industry is a special field, as a service product, the low degree of standardization of education discipline, involving a wide range of sales process before rely on high, low entry barriers, so the education and training industry is still very difficult to standardize. In the development of the industry more than ten years, continuous self adjustment by mechanism and users of each game, within the industry, has formed a kind of ingrained user cognition, namely "perhaps users believe that the only way is the mode of educational institutions".

is precisely because of this reason, although the current network of traditional education institutions seem "pages of dirt", but still business is booming. Also because of this reason, a day after several revision to the current home style still return. The design, though "nothing special", has a 20% jump out rate.

online education industry entrepreneurs, this is my greatest experience is: we do not have the ability to educate users at greater risk when disruptive innovation, rather than from the existing mode of micro innovation. Moreover, professionals can see that the existing network of educational institutions still have great room for "micro innovation" room for improvement. I think it’s an important idea when sharing the design experience. >

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