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LittleThings the former is the electricity supplier but in the video site broke through a day


2010, Alex Zhardanovsky and Joe Speiser set up a "Petflow" electricity supplier website, operating pet food sales and delivery business.

in fact, Petflow has raised $15 million from Lightspeed, Venture, Partners and other venture capitalists. Speiser said that Petflow maintained the idea of attracting potential customers, created Facebook pages in 2011 and shared pet photos on it, which was also a good way to attract eyeballs.

"Between 2010 and 2014, we built a very large customer base by selling pet food,"

Alex revealed."

then, things have changed.

"in 2014, we realized that, despite the great promise of the electricity supplier, we could also work hard to increase interest in digital media and content.". The response was good, and women over 35 were full of praise for the positive content. Wang Xingren, meow sauce, pet related, or non PET positive articles are popular."

Speiser said, they add to the forum content more and more Petflow blog, and the flow rate is rising all the way.

, as early as 2014, we realized that what we did was enough to produce a vivid and exciting story of Petflow, and much richer than the content of the media. In fact, we do have a media agency, a complete publishing unit."

in September 2014, Speiser and Zhardanovsky decided to take advantage of the mass base of Petflow, the emergence of business, began to dig for the new cause of LittleThings.com content. The website often publish adorable pet video and other positive content, such as the police for the public to do good stories and a series of videos, stories and frustration make efforts, kitchen tips.

Little Things has grown rapidly since its founding a year ago. In January 2015, the company had only one employee. 8 months later, the number of employees has reached 50. At the same time, media companies have set up a video studio to create more original content. Speiser said proudly, "Little Things has a lot of profits, and revenues are rising steadily.".


Little Things was on the line, traffic was much lower than other explosive content sites such as Viral, Nova, Elite, Daily, and Upworthy. But now, traffic is 1

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