July 28

t’s not a garbage dump at the dump station

what is a garbage station? A lot of copying, copying, advertising, you can not find the article text, the layout and some famous standing exactly the same, this is the garbage station,


website just launched on the collection of hundreds of thousands of data, the content is completely someone else has copied rotten so-called "classic article", this is the garbage station,

I can tell you, you can really make a dumpster, but you can master this title has a difference of one hundred and eight thousand in! The so-called garbage station, not the contents of others is not rubbish! Open your website, the Trojan on his computer that! Really is not trash, garbage, and sad is rubbish station webmaster now, there is no real meaning to the taste of the dumpster, that as long as the death defying collection line! Good tone, Baidu executives is your father or the boss GG

is your grandfather?

actually, do the dumpster, to the search engine is designed to do! Want to let search engine love your site, you will learn the acquisition of this course, it is after SEO, said the first collection, you are not modified, a day to collect hundreds of articles, you try it by a a month! Baidu can receive you! So, after the collection of articles, their best modify! Title, content, if you do not, then you will replace the words, sentences upside down? Don’t tell me you never went to school one day, do not read! Search engine is the most original love. It! Collecting your article, found your article and others do not, it will increase your originality, your article is actually collected, just modify the machine did not recognize! But still advise you, he is the best of the original does not improve the flow! You can improve your writing skills, too,

what should I pay attention to when talking about modification? That’s SEO, SEO. I haven’t studied it myself. I have no idea about it. Just say it.

in a page, keyword not too much, will make a bad impression to the search engines, which K you stand, it is not a joke, you know the garbage station, which is on the search engine


suggest that you do not try to add keywords, as long as each page to write four to six words on the line, take me to engage in this beautiful picture station to say, you can go to see the www.cuu9.com itself does not open after SEO optimization, just put the keyword page beauty plus three to seven, every day from GG the flow, almost every day I came in the first page of


ad, remember some people say, do garbage station, put those ads can pile on a page, this is extremely misleading those novice Adsense! You remember, people are born to advertising is very disgusted. Do not believe you can carefully observe, you do not pay attention to the beauty of the advertising pile of full pages are, change for you, you want to see? Remember, garbage station advertising is also a certain knowledge!


also has an idea to remember that advertising is not

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