July 28

Common problems in enterprise website construction

for enterprises do not understand, and often do not go to choose some good procedures, so much more…… Recently saw some enterprises, basically have the following problems.

1, the title and content of the search results are repeated: titles are generally not well defined and optimized, and most titles are repeated.


2, and not to define key words superimposed according to their own company or website theme, just have to get popular keywords lively, results get two empty, even their own brand or company names are not to the front row.

3, describe die: some websites know to add description (meta information in description), but like keyword, do not know how to add. Often a plus, each page is this description, the effect is counterproductive. A description is a page description, a brief introduction to the content of the current page, rather than a repetition of a company presentation or something else.

4, the reverse link: do not know how to better handle this, rarely find similar sites for some active links; rather rely on some of the so-called promotion, the promotion of love to do is to put your company website on the tools group, sent to various blogs or forums, and be related to delete administrator. Such links, even if left behind, the weight is low (not home), and it will make people feel disgusted (how does this company do?)

5, pictures and flash: feel good pictures and flash, will be more extensive use of these two, especially flash. In fact, flash is not good for using on the menu, because search engines don’t access links in flash. And pictures, some web site, in order to facilitate or simple, some links pictures, and this will lead to the collection of bad. Currently, flash is generally used only in video or picture advertising shows.

6, ignore the domain name without WWW: I have encountered several enterprise stations, no www top-level domain name, such as 135wg.com, without WWW, not bound, nor do 301 directional.. can not be accessed.

7, only know Baidu Google keyword promotion: in fact, there are many ways to promote the site, not necessarily among the key words to promote this bottomless pit. Some companies and I said, once you stop key words, website ranking will fall; and keywords, feeling is a bottomless pit…… This is not surprising, because the foundation does not play well, once less money this hormone, the effect will disappear.

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