July 28

20 days Baidu upgrade ranking Road

What is the Baidu

ranking? How fast the rankings? Online say a lot, but if you don’t have to go to the optimization of the system, so everything is fleeting, here to share this time on a website optimization experience.

some time ago received a client to do optimization, get to the station after analysis, I feel a lot of problems. Baidu keyword search index: 825, quantity: 1410000, although this site even nearly 2000, but the ranking is still very poor, certainly not even the problem of ranked in the top ten websites of Baidu home page analysis, found that they even are not many, so that is not the chain, should be the following question:

1, site structure. HTML semantics is not strong, can not convey the weight of key words

2, content. Original, pseudo original things too little,

started by analyzing only two of these questions, then spent two days installing websites and coding them again, using HTML5 DIV+CSS to re write keywords. After covering the site again, the ranking improved on the first day. But the next few days are brain fire, Baidu snapshot and GG snapshot becomes empty, ranking all the way down, one time can not find out, the original server has no way to analyze log, and find the original optimization personnel they write the robots file in FTP, also found a problem. This problem has been bothering for a week, from domain name to server, check repeatedly, have bigger discovery, server sometimes cannot visit, a son is suddenly enlightened. Immediately contacted a service provider, changed an independent IP host, and rewritten the robots file. After the stability of the server and the rewriting of the robots file, the number of websites has risen again.

was finally a spectrum, know what to do next, within a week when analyzing the web log, found Baidu spider and GG spider is active at this station, but the home page is not updated, it should be the quality of the content on the site is not how. So the main keyword segmentation, analysis tools to analyze the web master key using the long tail keywords, Baidu index is higher than that of the long list of all the 50 key words, and then go to the search engine to search these long tail keywords, and then find the Baidu snapshot early, or more popular long tail keywords immediately search and search engine to search out pseudo original. Why Baidu snapshot earlier? I think so, Baidu snapshot earlier, the content is not updated for a long time, but the heat is still there, so I find a few articles that are mixed up, the head of his writing, and even the long tail keyword step at the beginning this is to do a spider, the two is to the degree of customer experience. Write pseudo original article, just like to do presided over, not what you want, but requires you to play around this topic.

kept writing 5> every day

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