July 28

China’s top PR web site is so ugly

PR, that is, PageRank, the level of importance of the web technology (almost everyone knows it). PR is taken from Google founder Larry Page, a part of the Google ranking algorithm (ranking formula) that identifies the rank / importance of a web page. Levels range from 1 to 10, and level 10 is perfect. The higher the PR value, the more popular the web page (the more important). For example: a PR value of 1 of the site shows that the site is not very popular, and the PR value of 6 to 10, indicating that this site is very popular (or extremely important).

by the end of July 26, 2008, Chinese has not seen PR 10 sites, the highest PR value is 8, but few have also appeared in Pr9 www.miibeian.gov.cn, after the PR fell to 8 in July 26, 2008, PR big update when the weight is 9 litres, this is a fortunate moment. Because of this pr update means that the search engine more and more attention to the Chinese website, perhaps is the rise of the Internet Chinese, may be increased China network number, the PR update, I went to the SEO forum, found that there are many peers like me, almost all PR value of the site are up, my SEO the company website is up to 2, another site up to 4.


PR value of 8 websites but most of them are the type of portal, today I accidentally found a website PR value is 8, the address is: www.chinaw3c.org, get a look very surprised, which is very simple, only lines of text, I analysis for a long time, I know the value of PR has many factors, one of the most an important one is the website popularity, it comes from the direct factors of Web links, then I checked the number of external links in Google, (about 55 links to www.chinaw3c.org query results), only 55 of the reverse link, the reason is very clear, "W3C is the standard organization, a" the standard is really too important, so is the search engine. The SEO and web designer, I want to W3C this off, you must go! But Chinese W3C information is very small, not because of what people pay attention to it, I have seen many colleagues, the establishment of the time to W3C code verification is not one, many webmaster whether it is 37 twenty-one, beautiful website look on the line, so people say China website with foreign web sites are not the same, the foreign website design is very simple and practical, the code is relatively standard, UE (user experience) is also very good, I think we have too much to learn from foreigners place, Chinese do website, do a good job SEO, I want to should be the most basic W3C learning, so as to better the development of the Internet business China


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