July 29

Ants have a lot to learn from our roots

these days it rains at the entrance of the large, 5 cm long was immersed in water at home, really dangerous, I do not know why, always have a kind of love to listen to the rain pops, perhaps is that the rain can wash away the hearts of all depressed unhappy.

stood at the window watching the occasional heave rain, surprised to find that an ant is carrying its food "flying", suddenly feeling a lot, that we should have same incredible, isn’t it? The ant is very small, we do not small? In the universe, even in the network we are small, sometimes people don’t know we exist; the ant for food every day looking around, we are not so? Whether it is business or do stand, are for their "food" and busy, even all through the night, day and night fighting.

but I want to go deep, and there are still many places for us to learn from the roots.

ants know how to share, no matter which one ant finds food, it will go back to jubilant tell their partners, continue along the way encounter with fellow countrymen "whisper", and share the joy. And we grassroots? Most of what is found, most of them secretly enjoy, afraid of being known and robbed. In fact, this is a big mistake, sharing is a spirit, is a virtue, in sharing with others in the discussion, in fact, you will also be happy and new harvest. Before I contacted an entrepreneur, he thought that a very good money project, not willing to come to discuss with others, so that others do not give him advice, finally losing account only know that someone is deliberately set up by the bureau.

ants know how to unite and help each other. A small ant can lift more rice than it does not know, but ants are not proud of it. Instead, they are willing to join the team and cooperate with each other. Because ants know, only join the team, solidarity, in order to move more and more food, but also only solidarity, will play a powerful force in order to continue life. And we grassroots it? Whether it is grass-roots entrepreneurs, or grassroots webmaster, or many, are in the "alone", a person is also a number of posts. For this I also relatively helpless and ashamed, since I created the pioneering Detective Agency (www.money006.com) to the original, keenly aware of one’s ability and the time is so limited, are often deeply understand and care for this and lose that, only one team can grow, so I am looking for a suitable partner.

if you think of it enough, don’t need to cooperate with other people, I will not force you to take a gun, but I still want to say: We grassroots is the time to study ants, learn their hard work, practical work; they learn the spirit of sharing, sharing with partners to develop learning their solidarity; and allow yourself to play a greater role in the team. Only in this way can grass roots become "big trees"".


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