July 29

Back to the old Zhao why CMS only included the TAG page

TAG: "the old Zhao random CMS is welcome by Baidu." after Baidu went to SITE, a few old Zhao error correcting.

DEDECMS can be said to be the webmaster do garbage station tool. If this thing last year, I will certainly encourage everyone to use Dede to collect, to do web site. However, SITE old Zhao site found only included TAG page, I want to be sure there is a problem on the site, the following talk about the advantages and disadvantages of DEDECMS in Baidu.

when you find the site in SITE only included the home page or TAG page, and use DEDECMS, I dare say, more than eighty percent is the data collection site, or artificial collection. We are facing more and more Baidu smart, now ordinary collection has no need for personal webmaster, I even have a site, DEDECMS, the old corn weight included second days on page K off the content of the page, then lead to the entire HTML directory is K off.

in fact, this year Baidu to website weight, grab and content quality judgment have great progress, should say now garbage station if still use collector to update, it is difficult to include 1000 pages.

also reminds you that when you build a site with dedecms, you must change the generated directory. Some people say that Baidu is a spider grab, but we should think of, spiders are people to write the program, in constant change, more humane. Dedecms is known as the "junk station" weapon, and I am sure Baidu’s staff will not be fools. Of course, this does not mean that dedecms can not do after the station, but also should be explained that Baidu is changing, we should also change. One thing to eat is less and less.

so, I suggest you put a lot of effort into your content. Website to content is king, humanized service is king!


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