July 29

China’s nternet does not need state run

found more and more countries on the development of the Internet and management intervention is too strong, I as a grassroots webmaster (bubble webmaster statistics: http://s.www.pppop.cn) does not understand the intention of the depth of it could make analysis, but here, I just express my views:

was started, the local site, to say visibility, I think, we should first think of is the local information port, but to say how the business, we can only say, years ago, now a year than a year. I want to hold such a view should be accounted for more than 90%, around the harbor is almost non-existent, the previous development is so brilliant, because leaders have not put this business as a key development, causes the information across Hong Kong became a bubble, a pool of stagnant water, nothing new.

see this post on the Internet yesterday, the title is "vent has been so lonely", vent, a big name, "the country’s largest broadband website online.sh.cn 2"; 05 years of Internet value-added business department was founded, was once very popular, Shanda, The9, U, and other well-known Jiuzhou in SP at paiqichanglong. It is said that there are overseas companies willing to bid 1 billion yuan, the overall acquisition of vent. And now it is gone, scattered loose, has been empty, and the local information port into a concept. Why,


has an article like this, the theme of "Internet Co Miss status", this is a video website operators of a sigh, restrictions on the video site suddenly national development, let the life in this circle of people, feel his head is very uncomfortable, only two choices, either "state", or video development have put up the shutters, flail and difficult to have a big development, perhaps, developed, and because a thought leadership will ruin their website, and do not understand the Internet, should let 80 give new ideas, not always take into account too much, is not "pornography" well, this restriction can not, have such trouble, what have their own intervention, can only say


government website real investment tens of millions to do what works, what use is not to make money for the project, also can make some more, so the water fishing more, who will understand the network, do not know also want to put it right, you can have it, just a passion! "/p>

China Internet does not need to intervene, so the Internet needs new ideas, so need innovation, should abandon the heavy shackles, no wonder some people say that the Internet is the main force in the development of China grassroots network of entrepreneurs, this way of thinking, one is not false! We are free, we want to do to do their own network. We can imagine, no resistance to the imagination, oh, fear will be bigger bearing a yoke, China, no way….

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