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How did Friendster the founder of social networking fail

After the crash of Friendster,

, computer scientists have conducted a digital autopsy to try to identify the cause of death of the once prominent social networking giant".


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Friendster is a social network created in 2002, a year earlier than MySpace, two years earlier than Facebook. As a result, this site is often regarded as the originator of the social networking field". During the peak period, the number of users of the social network was far more than 100 million, mainly in the Southeast Asian market.

went through a number of technical problems and redesigned it. In 2009 July, traffic on the site suffered a disastrous decline, and users fled and turned to other sites like Facebook. As a social network, Friendster curled up and died. Previously, the site had done a famous job: in 2003, Friendster rejected the $30 million offer offered by Google. In the days that followed, Friendster was reinvented as a social gaming platform and had some success in the Southeast Asian market.

the question people want to know is what exactly is wrong with the site. Today, David · of Swiss Federal Institute of (Garcia Technology), Garcia (David) and several partners gave an answer. The researchers used Friendster "die" before the data, carried on a digital "autopsy".


researchers said, when people become a social network member of the cost, and the time and effort required for more than they can get the benefits, means the exodus of the social network is ripe. The idea is that if a user from a social network, then he (or she) friends are likely to go with them; and this trend may in the whole website like that falls straight down, resulting in the loss of a large number of users.

but Garcia and his partners also point out that the topology of the network provides some resilience, depending on the number of friends a single user has. That is to say, if a large part of a website’s users only have two friends, so when a user from this website, will let some other users on the site of friends only one person; then, this person is likely to leave, leading to another user only a good friend, so repeatedly.

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