July 29

As a webmaster should understand the necessary knowledge of Essentials

We all know that

is not the website Zhan Tao process down as we imagine. He reached for it as long as the space, is not the case, after the website upload is completed, the next thing is how to make your website talent shows itself in all sites, this is the topic we have today.

1, SEO website optimization of several cheating means.

SEO must understand the basic means of cheating, the purpose is to avoid the use of the relevant means no opinion of what was said, a general comparison of several commonly used methods, I said, you know that the first thing to do, and then understand, here, first of all you need to know something about the HTML code.

the first kind, the hub word stack, this is also the common method

purpose of this one, just to increase the key words on the frequency of the human web page code, META label, TITLE, notes, pictures ALT and URL address in a repeat key words this is the first detailed study, I will tell you manipulation, search engine punishment to you later we consider the use of


second, false hub word "

"By setting the

and at the station the content does not related to key words here for example in META, there is a period of time, the key word is Qingdao the most hot data recovery, you can put the key words set to the hot key words to title. So it can mislead users into the site, this method can be used to link the key words and the actual web content does not match the situation, this is the second, the so-called cheating is not good, so there is no cheating, ha ha, we consider using the.

is now third, hidden text and links

is also intended to increase the frequency of the key word, and we intentionally put a text with the same background color as the background color in the web page. Of course, this text user is impossible to see. But when the search engine is to find but when he will see the copy copy will I know of, the anti cheat, is this, users found it does not matter, at least you flow to ensure that you will lose, we just consider using this method also includes the use of ultra small text, text and other means of hiding layer.

fourth, redirect

uses the refresh tag, meta, refresh, and Java, as well as JS technology in the page code. When the user enters a page, with these functions, he quickly jump to other pages, so, redirect the search engine and users visit the page in a different way to redirect page, we can use the cheating.

fifth, "


this is what we usually call "bait behavior"

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