July 31

Share the plant network make money those secrets that can be said

there are several important Guan Jian words: personal, time, energy, money and profit.

‘s attitude to the project:

is a company operating in the city are developed basically, and the model is very mature, to do this project or can, in order to earn money to make things, must be specific, practical to do. Because we are personal webmaster, so the main thing is to use the website to make money, you can say simply open a intermediary company, not really, can really like that, better to a level, unless you have that ability.

simple profit model:

1, advertising revenue

if the site is not well-known, no time precipitation, it is difficult to easily get advertising revenue, then there will be waiting for the telephone consultation, but eventually received the money, except for one thing, strong operational capacity, the money is running out.

2, agent income

this is very easy to understand, like the second-hand housing intermediary mode, do their own platform, as long as Baidu ranking, even if the owners do not accept your website, as long as the money to help them get their money and you will take that one.

time, energy, money:

first: the timing of potential customer inquiries is uncertain,

is likely to receive a call from 7 a.m. to 23 P. m.. If you work it is not so easy, because when the customer consultation of words you can not put all the details of the proxy information all remember, understand the situation simply to customer visits, but it is not professional, no environment is not free to do this is your boss, it might get fired.

whether you’re advertising or acting, you need to go out and you have to ask for leave, because it’s impossible for everyone to wait until the end of the week. The advertisement said, do proxy, to pay so much or not after, the follow-up also requires time and effort.

second: the content of the website takes a lot of time and effort,

there are two forms, one is the daily updated information, and is the most valuable information, this information to update the project will not be like other web sites so much, because the real resource is so much, so the daily update will not too big, you don’t have to pay too much time. But if you want to make money, you must have valuable information, this information must be to on-the-spot investigation, detailed records, is your advertisers or proxy client information, because this information can give you the maximum benefits of the agent. Sometimes it takes thirty or forty kilometers a morning to run an advertiser or a proxy customer, because not everyone accepts your business.

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