July 31

Preliminary preparation of personal entrepreneur operating website

individuals in the preparation of becoming a personal webmaster before, how should you begin to prepare or plan their own site? This article is based on personal entrepreneurship failure lessons summarized, and may have reference point.

1. When you are positioning your website, you should first consider personal interests and familiar industries.

personal interest can make you even in a very strange industry or interest also interested in mining information and resources within the industry or interest, which can provide more professional or reference price information is presented on your site, if you are interest has accomplishment, such as writing is you of interest, and we often write something, some of them have been published, so this is the accumulation of resources can be, you also have some related friends, this is the site, can be relatively easy to get the first batch of website supporters, start points to more application.

two, the site goal is not equal to the implementation plan.

The goal of the

web site is only the vision of the site, or a promotional slogan, or your private knowledge, but this is not a plan for the implementation of the site. Once you have identified your goals, consider how you can achieve your goals. This is a relatively detailed action plan that can be close to the implementation plan to some extent, but it is still not the implementation plan.

three, the site’s preliminary preparation does not necessarily require profit points, but to consider the target population.

all websites need profit, which is in the affirmative, in preparation, sometimes profit is not obvious, there is no need to consider too much detail, but we must consider the station services provided by or for the target groups, relatively speaking, if you do not like happy net or like micro-blog the site, site can get people on behalf of the site can be used as advertising profit point. Here is the target group of people together, even if the problem, the target groups are rare, and you will not do business, chances are you even the most basic profit point — the possibility of loss of web advertising.

four, the target of the website shoulds not be too big.

too big a concept is that your goals compare with your own capabilities and resources. If within half a year to reach one hundred thousand IP, within half a year to overtake Baidu such relative to personal resources, are somewhat whimsical, so also have compared and their own resources, then it is best to choose a matching half of their own resources to do the project, a matching times requires you to make full use of all the resources to carry out the project, and there is no risk calculation on the unknown, such as the matching degree more than doubled, you said in the process of looking for new resources to participate in the project. And so on. The smaller the goal, the easier it is to finish, and the accomplishment of a goal that will give you more confidence in your next goal.

five, the implementation of Web site goals, not >

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