July 31

Summary of a week of site construction of rookie webmaster

as a new generation now, popular network as long as three represents the same, we can’t imagine what it was like suddenly without a network, said before the occasional power cuts we can come to a romantic candlelight dinner ", but we call romance, broken network for several days, estimated that the society harmony to have the crisis. Every time I surf the Internet, see so many beautiful sites, the heart always itch, just like the North floating population dream hope to buy a house in Beijing, the face can not only increase the price or only at the Housing helplessly, in fact, there are houses, is not up to us to live. Although now everywhere can open a blog to settle down, but after all, just feel like renting, too many rules, and sometimes have to look at the landlord’s face. Think about, or to build a station for yourself.

said, do it, as a rookie, although previously wrote a little ASP what, can ask myself to write a whole site, I think or play soy sauce, do push ups, forget it. Just, a friend in April set up a new cloud program, and do the server, because there is something temporary stopped, lazy I quickly took over, and then the backstage space will be solved.

I think

was super fans Bill Gates, always dreamed of becoming a senior programmer, but now it seems that this dream like China football to get the world cup as far, but think of themselves before the computer, a lot of programming books, but this was everywhere hard resources ah, why not use it. A programming book download site? In this way, it is to point to programmers working edge. I decided to do a Saiyan ebook download base www.laixp.cn, hoping to bring convenience to programmers.

after two or three days of debugging, here to ask, where help, finally barely built a site that can be run. In July 19th, finally updated to the first book, huh, huh?. Remember here. Next, is to improve their own side, modify, while looking for resources to upload resources. In Baidu ah, GG also posted a few posts, see every day so one or two IP, always feel that China’s 300 million Internet users how suddenly all gone, ha ha. Or while uploading resources, while also slightly do some publicity, mainly to consult some webmasters in the group to communicate with each other, to July 23rd, has included the page by GG, but also to apply to GG advertising code is made up, with the ads, feeling for the web page of a colorful look the same day, a dozen IP, second days reduced to 3-4 IP, ha ha. Wanted to think, or add some articles on the website, fine article, classic joke ah, sent to the group, so a lot of good effect, finally today IP exceeded three figures, thought, summary also write a rookie a week to share with you the station. Also hope that you webmaster advice, a lot of care, but also to the little bird a little encouragement. There are friends who want to site can go to my website to give me personal message >

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