July 31

Personal experience of doing a station

recently failed to update, but a lot of things in the diary which records, now want to master change, mainly because the person is not suitable for too complex sites, as well 123 of this site is the most appropriate. After all, the need of manpower is small but can play a huge effect, if a professional site, that can be, the key is how you can continue to update the development of industries like ah, comprehensive ah, this kind of problem is not to encroach on the person, it is impossible to achieve, garbage the station is OK, but also have their own characteristics, if we can do better than the original, it is not a waste.

chose phpcms is not a small mistake, this thing is very good, but for personal Adsense is very bad. Without that time to handle such a responsible system, the columns are too thin to use and are too responsible to analyze from the user’s point of view. Choose a simple and practical system, constantly updated, can provide services for others, so that your own personal station will have visitors, it will grow up.

, this is not to belittle phpcms, it can be said to be very good, very powerful, but for individuals, not very, and also to the garbage station, this does not know. Contribute to stationmaster net, can you see


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