July 31

Talk about online booking

today, a friend sent me the e net he’s running now. Let me see. It was talked about a year ago. Apply the reservation mode of the restaurant website to the digital product maintenance industry. When talking about this, I really not sure he can do it in this industry, the industry with Fantong by industry and different life several times, the opportunity to repair mobile phone notebook? Today, tomorrow may forget. Or know there is such a place nearby after maintenance, often go to the. Is this site useful in geometry?

, but now that he’s done the station, I think it might be. But if it were me, I still wouldn’t dare to experiment with this model in this industry.

booking this model actually comes from for a long time. We can call him to carry Cheng mode, rice net is in order to publicize, got a "two wheeled model" parlance. In a way, it is somewhat similar to the way TV shopping is done. But TV shopping mainly through television, and rice network only through the network. It also depends on the industry, some things can advertise on TV, the bombing style propaganda by traditional media is very effective, even to such advertising to the extreme, such as Shi Yuzhu, such as sheep, sheep, pig, monkey monkey, tiger tiger… Recently, a friend sent to his website online called me to see, is a shirt, I see – – second PPG, the brand name is also engaged in, called "stay in China."". I also began to speak of this website is not optimized, then I found that the website itself merely as a tool of traditional marketing, through powerful television ads get orders, truly through the website optimization, brought by SEO is just a drop in the bucket compared to the order. This is also very similar to the previous Ctrip, Ctrip even after listing, his website ranking is very low, many of the reservations are through telephone direct implementation.

, through observation, we find that the pattern itself has several characteristics:

first, this model itself can be made small big, that is to say after a period of time, such as three months, there will be order, the order will have income, along with the expansion of channels, enhance the visibility of orders, steady growth, income increasing. By small and large, another layer means that this model is best made by small, that is, from the beginning of several people to dozens, to hundreds of people this way, rather than just a few hundred people, thousands of people to operate. The main reason for this risk is that the success of this model depends on the team and the process, and we’ll talk about that later. You can think about the quality of learning network, why the lack of stamina, I heard some people say that because the investment was used in other places caused, but also said that blind expansion caused. If the cause is the latter, then the problem must lie with process control and team management.

second points, the combination of Internet access, this model, if you want to grow rapidly, the combination of online and offline, and these two lines are very important, are indispensable. If possible, pass two sets in the market

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