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SNS website is the natural carrier of LBS and the cumulative effect of SNS users

is stuck with the lack of potential user base, and the growth rate of Check-in class LBS (mobile location-based services) market has been unable to break through. The day before, with a mass of users and strong user relationship SNS site to further tap the LBS service, and position function in all clients in the group purchase and glutinous rice network offers information, explore the SNS web services and LBS combination of the new profit model.

borrowing SNS users cumulative size effect

market research agency data show that in the first quarter of this year, China’s Check-in class LBS market cumulative users reached 6 million 550 thousand, the chain growth rate fell sharply to 26%. In fact, the development of global LBS has not made breakthrough progress because of the lack of potential users and the unclear profit model. In February this year, KPCB partner JohnD oerr first proposed three Social will be the hottest Internet terminology (SOCIAL), Local (localization) and Mobile (mobile) together, to form a new concept of SoLoMo.

days ago, domestic SNS sites proposed that this year will be the implementation of SoLoMo concept, exploring the SNS network service combined with LBS model and SNS model of profit model. According to the relevant person in charge, will bring social attributes to the mobile client, and on the basis of joining the LBS concept, fundamentally changed the way of communication and Internet users, in addition the popularity of massive user itself can also promote LBS.

it is understood that SoLoMo provides services including Social+Local, through the registration function in the location bar, you can clearly see the friends between the distance between the user and the Local+; electronic commerce, joined the group purchase information in the report to the rice network function, the user location recommendation based on group purchase goods. It has been extended to coupons and site activities.

"SNS+LBS can redefine everyone and the value of his release," said Wu, vice president of

‘s company. LBS has added latitude to the site of the SNS application, and has not only learned what you are doing, but also where you are. Communication between people has become more real and has greatly increased social relationships."

SNS new profit model

currently has more than 30% users logged in via mobile phones every day. Wu Jiang believes that the new SNS profit model will be established on the basis of SoLoMo "for example,’s group purchase sticky web site and not simply relying on user resources, effectively use the location of the user, provide more close to the user service. For example, through the mobile client network, to a certain area, Renren will tell nearby what glutinous rice buy information, the user can implement this purchase on the phone, this is the SN S website to >

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