August 1

Xie how to improve the competitiveness of personal website

believe in this article see Laoxie webmaster, mostly personal website owners, how to spend less money, less time, improve personal website competitiveness, improve the quality of


1. people stand, want is creative,

personal station, not like the company station, with huge amounts of data, can not have strong team support, so need to be creative person standing in the first place, so as to be more competitive.

believe that many webmaster have good ideas, but in practice it is difficult, such as the program design method. How to achieve it in a very short period of time. This requires you to spend more energy on their own, can slowly study, you can ask Master, can also be a lot of stationmaster Wei Ke. Don’t love you with Witkey, spend a few hundred dollars, a program that is well worth, after all, after the promotion program, your work is of great help, more importantly, you’ll make many friends you need.

2. people, what you want is content,

content is always a station, the most important part of the content, quality, directly affects the user’s viscosity, so the need for a good content, what is important, especially if the station does not need content, you are a tool, it is another matter.

how to realize the high quality of your content, for example: SEO station, in terms of content, you can complete the analysis of SEO to do a very good station, also can speak their mind, imperceptibly, both to improve their ability, writing ability, but also the achievements of the article are the quality of the content is also on the table.

3, individual station, want is to promote

with the least money, the minimum time, do the best promotion, Laoxie I has been in pursuit of the goal, money not to say, everyone, but with the least money to do promotion has the best effect, it will be difficult.

do SEO, SEO must be God to you free lunch, do not go to the SEO, consider the user experience is the personal webmaster needs to improve.

good soft promotion, soft promotion is soft, soft information, Laoxie soft Wen experience has said very much, in ADMIN5, the old Xie said may be soft, most of a person, it is because of its powerful effect, affects the old Xie to study and the personal webmaster can own to write, to complete the writing and promotion soft, if it is difficult to buy a Taobao, the old Xie an e-book < soft key learning >.. this is the first systematic introduction and promotion of soft writing books. Believe it the webmaster, learning is very helpful.

4. people standing, want is to adhere to


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