August 1

Talking about the road of grass roots stationmaster in 2010

looked at 09 years of Internet form, people feel very sad, just say the country started playing BT feel the Internet has begun legal sanctions, to the recent crackdown, room direct pull line, CNNIC does not allow individuals to register CN domain, especially the room directly pull line, can be said to be. A person who commits a crime, the family suffer, N owners face unemployment or the pain of transition, seriously aggravated the pressure of finding a job, we should have the society, for our motherland is a strong legal society and happy, because of this method, for each person to restrain themselves, to live and work in peace, but everything there are two sides, the crackdown event reminds me of the war on the battlefield, our webmaster is barehanded (right to speak) civilians, some two government units to grasp the absolute say Right to speak (fire). What can we civilians do in the face of such gunfire?. However, I have always believed that the government will help us, or it will not call the people’s government.

however, the rectification, personally feel that the Internet has a lot of clean, Baidu ranking algorithm has changes, basically, do on the acquisition of the site has not survived, the station also collected generally less about your visitors experience just to a visitor, click on the ads on the site, well, next time basically put this website to forget this website. The basic Internet will not rest for this kind of website, the content is how to remember half believe and half doubt, visitors to our website, not to mention the user viscosity. I have done this kind of website, and I have also browsed it. I think it is the least responsible behavior for visitors. Of course, it is really difficult to do, a good website, webmaster want to maintain their livelihood, of course, want to make money on advertising advertising, to maintain life, after all, we are all grassroots webmaster, with the money to burn the entrepreneur can not be compared, we are all webmaster want to earn some advertising, this we have the experience, but also have say that if you have a choice, who is willing to spend the whole day doing dumpster, who do not want to do a good business, a long time, but we have to take some grassroots helpless.

in the face of the crackdown, the transformation of our webmaster quick face, but what the transition site? Last time to participate in the Guangzhou webmaster conferences, listening to the laggards BBS fish speak: "the electronic commerce and the local website is a very good field". Personally feel that if you haven’t done where the local website is very strong, this is the best direction, after all, is not as users are still increasing China pile up in excess of requirement, and I personally feel that the best place is a professional website, or local shopping site. But to do this website, still need to invest, not to say that started as a tool to make money, we are best to do part-time Webmaster Station, if full-time do stand it, if not good money all day for the protection of life, fuel and vexed, lose faith do stand.

wrote in the end, I am also in the rectification of the shock of the grassroots grassroots, but also for "!"

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