August 1

New station Google included very simple

yesterday evening the whole of a new movie website (, not to do what promotion, this morning found that Google had been included in this station, yesterday morning to finish the station, calculate the Google included only six hours. There’s no way, but I’ve always done that, and Google has always been.

Google now is very simple, as long as you do the new station to the outdated post on the line, in the post with your own web site is good, what you want, even if you are not afraid of advertising sent directly to the moderators delete the line, as long as you can with a URL in the post is good, hair stick around 5 now, the night, Google almost second days included new sites, I usually let Google included, tested, the fastest time Google three hours is included, should be out of a relatively high weight. Other forums might be OK, but I haven’t tried it.

friends will ask, put in the signature bit inside, there is no effect, this I do not know, I did not let myself pass, I do not quite clear, signature spaces have been used to change the space, we can try.


method for Baidu does not seem very useful, at least in this post is outdated, even if it is able to work, may also need some time to get into your station, I was in Baidu still can not see my site outside the chain.

as for Baidu, this does not say, but nothing more than the chain plus original, adhere to half a month, Baidu will almost release your station.

do not abandon, do not give up, say a lot of people, but may be able to do not many people, the webmaster come together,


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