August 1

On the choice of blog articles

if I don’t count QQ space, I’ve been in touch with blogs for almost half a year.

before I write an article, I think about a lot of problems. Here, I share some ideas with my friends when I write a blog. I hope I can give you some useful information. First of all, I’d like to talk about the choice of the subject matter:

1, don’t talk about anything you don’t understand,

if you don’t know anything about a particular field, you’d better not touch it. Otherwise, your blog may not profound enough, at the same time, also give people the feeling of display slight skill before an expert.

so when writing something about something you’re not familiar with, you’d better look for relevant information first, and don’t ask yourself how deep it is. At least, don’t make a mistake.

2, fun and useful principle

if you want your blog to make a hit, the content is best fun or useful. This "two principles" runs through my blogging process.

unless you are writing this blog as a Zen diary, or don’t tell others what you eat today, you don’t need to tell others of your underwear is what size, unless you say it can make people feel interesting.

, for example, you can write articles like "make good use of Google calendars and make things more efficient", and you can also write articles like "interesting pictures captured on Google street maps".

3, promote interaction principle

‘s principle of "promoting interaction" is to put forward your own opinions in the article.

makes his own point of view to make your blog more humane, and readers can feel the presence of blogger from the blog rather than a resource providing machine.

, this is my pursuit in the past six months, and I prefer to express my views in the blog rather than share the resources.

4, non violation principle

I do not advocate posting or downloading tips on pirated or illegal resources on blogs. I strongly object to fraudulent content in blogs.

if we are using pirated windows, pirated Photoshop, but I think you should use pirated hush, should know shame, know what is moral.

if you can’t make your actions legal, don’t tell others and don’t let others do the same.

, these are my blog since some summary, can not be said to be experience, after all, my blog is not very successful now.

some I think have already been done, and some haven’t yet. For example, I often write they are not familiar with the content, if necessary, I will not.

(this article comes from BBP’s paper life http://s.www.iambbp>

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