August 2

Competitive advertising and online shopping can be unreliable

Baidu and Google launched the bidding advertising, for most of China’s Internet users, can be said to have been familiar with. For friends who like to shop online, I recently chatted with me about the topic of "competitive advertising and online shopping" (referring to non search engine advertising, such as Taobao and pat), which is not reliable.


this question, I think, is already a hot topic on the Internet. Friends who have expressed their opinions in this regard are by no means few. However, now talk to, we still continue to shabby a few words today. My personal view of the ad campaign for search engines is that its credibility is not high.

in this regard, Baidu has now given us a good example [some time ago "medicine door" advertising event, interested friends search their own network to understand]. In this regard, we have a point worthy of note is that all of the search engine Taobao, including online store [including] will pat to all our shopping users promise no false advertising, no fake goods etc..

actually, these commitments is just a practice, a reassurance one does not understand just involved in Internet users, only this. It does not give us a real guarantee. It is just a publicity device. It is only for advertising purposes. It has no use except that.

in fact, the sale of all things on the web site, little did not say, the website which can give us protection only to ensure that the vast majority of goods can be traded, but is not what we want, this is hard to say. So, in this dream you love with cold bulk sale of friends, as far as possible in the Taobao and don’t pat, or search engine advertising such as purchase bidding. It is better to visit first and then to buy, and I think as long as it is a big business, I believe that the requirement to visit first is not high enough for any manufacturer.

from the first point, all shopping station actually have a number of promises to the people, but the US for the sake of convenience, can only be silent or official to regulate, it is not possible to eliminate the false, but can be avoided as much as possible. But a deliberate attempt like Baidu is a rather bad one.

bidding ads appear false bad phenomenon, not only Baidu, including search engine leader – Google, but also exist. For example, before the "Knight SEO" and all kinds of websites, SEO advertising, and so on.

dream of cold made the website optimization, you know inside the doorway, so I’m a hundred percent sure of one thing — any commitment to do search engine ranking website optimization is a liar! The reason is not difficult, only one sentence: website optimization, search engine is not his father


and exist in search engines inside the website, optimize advertising is not small, such advertising is cheating? I want to try friends know, don’t believe can also refer to "Xia man"

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