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Entity type website construction should be promoted under the same line

many webmaster confused in the PR value chain, flow, and so on, but I think it is not important, important is the content, not only the content of the original site, but the site of the original operation, what you bring to the customers? What the customer can get the service here? Even if it is the service charge?

LED lighting network mode of operation is for web portal platform, in the line of business and promotion as the leading channel integration of customer business and their formation, the reality of the partner, believe that this approach will no longer limited to text communication

believes that many webmaster friends have a own business circle, if we make it onto the network, our world will be greater, perhaps a small circle had turned into a big circle, we from the following LED lighting network introduced in May, from another point of view webmaster work, our work is no longer limited to network.

LED lighting network originated in the lighting industry for many years, sales channel construction experience, sales of LED lighting products, with the advantages of this powerful resource, independent development and operation. In December 2008 to begin preparations, March 2009 upload server debugging, started operations in April 1st 09, LED lighting network based on the network platform, by helping customers and merchants to build sales channels, has formed its own unique core competitiveness.

uses the Internet to expand sales channels for LED lighting companies

LED lighting network customer demand as the center, around the customer service, with the service to impress customers, LED lighting network can develop. So, what’s the biggest demand for the Internet in the LED lighting industry? What kind of service model does LED lighting set up for the needs of customers?

the service model of most industry websites is "member + advertising + website construction", focusing on the construction of quotations and databases. The LED net is not only a single mode of lighting, in comparison, LED lighting industry enterprises pay more attention to the establishment of sales channels under the line, market promotion and marketing planning. As we know, most of the LED lighting channel customers or engineering end customers, to no time online or in itself have little contact with the network, the network spread brand is not equal to the reality of the product brand, the network products can not provide realistic product service commitment, especially for the needs of customer service service products, and help enterprises to establish sales channels has become the primary task of LED lighting network. In view of this, Chinese LED lighting network to strengthen the "offline" work, the "online" and "offline" walking on two legs, the use of lighting sales channels of the original, for the needs of enterprises to carry out targeted services through online display and publicity, actively promote the service mode of member enterprises demand information line. We have a profound understanding of the Internet promotion. If the Internet and offline promotion combine well, will be able to better open up sales channels for customers, LED lighting >

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