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08 years how do do garbage station

I don’t good, only primary school culture, the contact site has been nearly two years old, who is now a monthly income of over a million, ADS alliance in the country has no income is so commuters so little. Write well you don’t scold, but I think there is some help for the novice, I said this is garbage station and Baidu is not included in the skills, would be more difficult, you need to have patience (do the station is patience and time) of course collection article is easy:


good to come to the point! We all know that Baidu in 2007 December has not previously included Ken, as long as the station of a connection site two days will be included, even after being included a web site keywords is more than 5% (this refers to the keyword traffic statistical) I have been here many times try many times the site is down right! Often the biggest drawback is the first new heating door will be included in Baidu keywords so suddenly to hundreds of IP out of the Baidu keywords to your disproportion over his range. The veteran knows an old station if the keywords to more than four percent possible antecedents of second days or the next Baidu big update disappear. So we don’t collect a large flow of articles (die) even if the acquisition to acquisition slightly less popular point, that kind of search put you 10 articles included in this article and give you a key this time your words will be a lot of cumulative station search will give you the very coordination.

let me teach you how to get Baidu fast included and will not be down the right of course is not 100% effective to see your character ~ haha we all know well I know corn expired? Here quietly tell you ha ~ hope that Baidu does not know!% every day will delete expired corn stem Laoniao every day quietly looking to find how to pay attention to the following? The problem is there are many ~ ~ first, a search engine is included in the page, here you need one to be patient ~ second, among a lot of the PR value is very high, I have an hour for four PR4 maize but is a foreigner than my small JJ long ~ ~ third, a certain weight in the search, of course, I refer to each other is what you used to do m station if you do what the other is that there is no picture movie what It’s worth it.

personally very optimistic about the first point, the PR has not I do not care, three days ago I got three hours overdue corn found four or five Baidu has included the international rice, although corn is not good but I do dumpster or can. Find later, plus content in the Baidu crawling place hang, connect to the website guarantee, 35 days was updated snapshot. It was K the probability is very small. Then you can every day a large area of the collection, there is time to go to some external connections, such as Baidu included every day you should pay attention to, don’t be mad that the Guadiao website data.

Baidu every day when it is recommended to collect >!

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