August 2

Light drift North beipz com site analysis

1, the site of the site,

North drift race site is a type of social standing, using master + Forum mode, master show every channel, the forum to enliven the atmosphere, improve the site sticky degree.

2, competitors,

There are several

on Beijing website, but membership is not active, the post is not active. It can be said not to have done very successfully.

3, the topic and content of the website

As for the Beijing

website, you can do information or a lot, involving all aspects of people’s lives, the site selected the highest demand to do several aspects, such as "life in Beijing" channel "rent in Beijing", "Beijing delicacy", "Beijing shopping", "Beijing Entertainment Channel" "Beijing Park" and "Beijing suburb" "Beijing tourism" and so on. To provide convenience for the people living in beijing.

4, site and forum settings

master settings:

North drift life, Beijing shopping, Beijing rent, Beijing delicacy and Beijing traffic

Beijing, talent, career, job recruitment information,

Beijing entertainment, Beijing tourism, game exchange, Beijing Park, a suburb of Beijing

North health, healthy diet, healthy life, health, healthcare


news, Beijing news, home news, foreign news, entertainment news, sports news,

forum settings:

: life in Beijing Beijing shopping, Beijing rent, Beijing delicacy

Entertainment: Game exchange, drift drift drift, making friends Beijing tourism, Beijing, Beijing Zhaolao Xiang original article

The main work:

Beijing, Beijing job recruitment, workplace communication study in Beijing

North health news, healthy life, health knowledge

5, user problems,

China now has 1 billion 300 million people, 2. 5 billion 300 million Internet users, according to the proportion of floating population in Beijing in 3 million, there are 560 thousand Internet users, users of the site to drift north is still a lot of.

Analysis of

above is the North drift family, flowers, egg, all brought ~~~

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