August 3

Some experience of technical rookie local station

technically, I’m really a newbie, I don’t know ASP, I don’t know PHP, I don’t know the database, I only know a little about HTML, but in fact, I do make a living now.

I operate is a small local station, currently around IP4000, and basically can do more than 3000 monthly income, compared with my qualifications and qualifications, I am satisfied with my current income situation. Now I will talk about my own experience in running this small local station, and I should be right to throw a brick.

1, the question of faith.

this is a lot of successful webmasters are mentioned: we must insist on your faith! My website has been operating for more than three years, two years ago, almost no time to eat what income, that is a problem, but I still insist on running their own this small site, believe that your site the value of existence, in third years and began to have a good income.

2, success can not be copied,


online popular saying: "success can not be copied."." This sentence is too absolute. Ma Huateng, Ma Yun, Ding Lei class, may my generation can copy, but I believe that thousands of successful local China station, are in fact almost the same operating mode. So, for those who do not have their own creative webmaster, early to follow the pattern of others do, as long as you work harder, but also to succeed.

3, about web apps.


started the site, a variety of source I also could not withstand the temptation of popular online today, try this, I try that, a website in seven procedures, almost a channel of a program. Later found nothing, do website popularity is not long garish, poly. Finally, reduced to only two, a press release system, a Discuz forum, enough! Discuz function is very perfect, like friends ah, ah ah, yellow pages of classified information, no other procedures, using Discuz can do. In addition, Discuz is now very popular, general users will use, so that the ease of use of the site is also very good. Don’t count on your website visitors all like webmaster, take a web site program, can immediately get started. (ha ha, has been free of charge in the use of Discuz, today give it more advertising.


same, the website template also does not often change, change in time, still want to maintain original frame. Believe it: stability means development.

4, about the content of the web site.

local station content, one is local news information, two is the local netizen interaction, don’t make too miscellaneous, especially don’t get what URL site, and so on. Local news information is not said, relatively simple, mainly interactive users of the forum, as mentioned above, the interactive section of users, with a Discuz forum, you can completely get it. A few.

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