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Scene photography new regulations begin to implement suggest stationmaster do not rush to take a p

— with reference all Communications Authority recently held meeting, on the website of the founder of record verification requirements also issued to all access providers, many webmaster attention "to check" and "record photographs" provisions have confirmed, at the same time, for failing to arrange personnel to check for IDC access providers. Operators will not provide telecommunications resources for its.

, about my personal judgment, the reader can understand, does not mean that my judgment is correct.

article quoted at the beginning and I originally estimated almost, the Ministry of industry since the release of the new regulations, must be carried out, otherwise what authority,

?How do

personal stationmaster? My view is temporarily halt the troops and wait their noses.

scene photography record will make the domestic space big reshuffle, the collapse of space chamber of commerce continue to increase. Because the webmaster has three whereabouts: first, transfer overseas; two, the nearest looking for space providers; three, give up the site.

, and from the current situation of small and medium-sized sites to see, it has reached the most difficult time in history. The Ministry of industry and Commerce shall take charge of the general record and must take photos on the spot. If stationmaster has many websites to be distributed all over, it is necessary countrywide "big travel". If there are interactive forums within the site, most websites are ordered to shut down for lack of millions of funds. There are books and games to cultural departments, audio-visual broadcasting to the record, a shop to have the news business record, to the Provincial Information Office for the record, there are many provinces in the public security departments have also formed a record filing requirements, bull management, multi sectoral situation. Often these departments require a very high threshold for the entry of small and medium-sized sites, almost no opportunity to force small and medium-sized sites to transfer overseas.

will continue to increase overseas as the camera is introduced. And these millions of webmaster migration, for many space providers are drowned. (Note: China has about 3 million 800 thousand websites, in addition to more than 1000 portal commercial website, small and medium-sized websites also estimated there are millions.


space providers for regional businesses either increase users or reduce users dramatically. Some provinces and cities in the coastal areas of the developed areas of the Internet, regional space providers because the nearest station settled and developed. Space providers in the Midwest or other coastal less developed regions are likely to fail. For the space for the national business if we don’t take measures will also be affected, unless we take the open flow record points, or a combination of the provinces of the space form "union", let the owners choose the nearest nearest space camera operators to join the league, to prepare the case after the success, and then back to the original space business the.

last year, many provinces "across the board" broken network, has made a lot of space business failures, or to continue this year, individual estimates in the first half of next year will be the collapse of many, space is the foundation of the development of the Internet, millions of small and medium-sized sites depend on land, so the final outcome, what impact on the Internet is difficult to China expected.

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