August 3

24 hours of success seduce Baidu spider to grab new site page

new station to do out, resource arrangement is good, then of course is to do promotion, and hope that Baidu and GG search engine as soon as possible to include their new station.

here to share how I let Baidu overnight find me, my new station, the new domain name.

1, the new station is difficult to exchange Links, of course, if you have a circle a good relationship, and you stand quality regular, so you can find a high quality website with your new sites, plus a Links. (that’s what I am)

2, to to submit links exchange cooperation. (not help this station AD, and I each new station is there to submit cooperation exchange links, the effect is very good. Baidu’s snapshot of this station is updated very quickly)

3, the outstanding website reprint the content to the QQ space, potatoes blog, and the blog, watercress and other personal blog or log on, of course, the log is to third party status friendly left with website links or pictures, FLASH. (my new station is a small game station, reproduced to QQ space, the effect is very good! I in my QQ space to 3 boutique, fun game, the result, one day, was 6 QQ space does not know to turn away.


4, according to the contents of the positioning of your site, Baidu search to know a list of unsolved problems, with the contents of their site to answer the problem, only accidentally left his website. Hey, help! (with my website game, I to the Baidu search game, look at the unsolved problems, someone asked what? Is the best game site I with third party identity to recommend a new station site. Also search for a small game title, see someone asked the game clearance method, of course, in answer to his question, posted on the new sites from the game site and research methods website.


thought, the new site released the first day is estimated to have done more than the action, in the second day, through the IIS log analysis to, Baidu spider grabbed more than 30 pages, GG search also grabbed more than 300 pages.

in addition to the above methods, I did not go to Admin5, Chinaz, im286 and other well-known webmaster forums, with new web site post promotion, or is active to Baidu or GG and other search engines submit new sites. I think it’s a good thing for the search engines to come and collect them.

believe that many people read here is also depressed, how can not see the author of the new site URL? Hey, to tell you the truth, to share this experience, or without a good url.

previously also published a new station in Admin5, included 3 days, ranking to the first page of the article, and the results are not long after the share, ranking can not be found.

, whether it’s true or not, the soft text is bad for you. Ha ha, Baidu is really hard to deal with

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