August 3

Send out the chain of channel selection and hair chain experience summary


chain accumulation is an important aspect of network promotion, but because a lot of people in the hair of the chain, unscientific channel selection and release method caused blindness, spend a lot of time outside the chain, the double phenomenon, so as to push the 92 station I have some hair the experience of the chain, although it is not authoritative, but as experience, hope to promote the network of friends, especially the chain control, some reference.

chain channel selection chapter: the chain of continuity, stability, high exposure and quality

what is the continuity of the chain, that is, in a web site, you can do the chain every day. This is well understood, this depends on the site’s mind is large, and some sites can only allow you to come once, second times to kill you. It is recommended that you do not choose this site to do outside the chain, such as to find any such network publish information on the website, can go to collect some of my personal collection, 50 good classified information website, but most make me happy is still willing to find the net.

The stability of the

chain, the chain to do today, tomorrow is deleted, useful? No! If you are outside of the chain is 10 thousand, three thousand is deleted, so the accumulated words, I think you outside of the chain station one day reached 1 million, can not have a good SEO effect most important, rather less stable. Can pay attention to the potential of the site, some play site, don’t see, and if the site is not done, you can only hurry.

exposure of the chain is very important, high exposure, your chain is more valuable, in a disguised sense, that is your link is also popular. Who say, for example, I said about the chant, or take what I want most to find the net to say, you are willing to find the network classification information release information, will display the latest information in the station, this will bring more exposure, stimulate the included quantity of the chain. If you think the latest information shows that the time is too short, then you can take the integration of information posted on top, or recommended to the recommended information list page, page classification and list page, the need is not to buy these points, but you publish information accumulated, send information at the same time, you can also accumulate integral, integral full, put their information to the home page, page classification and list page – I chose to find web publishing chain I was particularly attached to this point, we have to send advertising and the chain of people, it is life and growth in nature. In this way, both for word of mouth propaganda, or stimulate the chain, are beneficial.

say that the quality of the chain, the chain to send in high weight website this is basic, the quality is greater than the number, the equivalent of three thousand enemy soldiers one hundred thousand elite force so, so I send the chain, PR is generally not less than 3 of the site, in addition to high weight, a last note, there are a lot of classified information website is the only link, but can not send hyperlinks, that is to say, the link is not open, including 58 city also, but to find such classified information network station can be sent over the chain, the chain.

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