August 3

What personal Adsense to attract your users

with the rapid development of the Internet, the site has become a trend, but also can be said to be a boom, in fact, do a website is very simple, only need to buy space, domain name, to do a good job of the website uploaded to the space on it, but it is difficult to attract you in what form. User.

You must ask yourself

web site, I do website is serving? How should I serve users? I can solve those problems? How to improve the accuracy of the information and practical? Many owners do not consider these, but I think we are doing, some people succeed, to make money, or a friend to have a website, I also have a suit, not what your own ideas.

there are millions of small webmasters in China now. What do you attract to your users?

below is a personal suggestion, and share with you, for reference only:

1. relies on the site’s first visual

homepage design and content division should be clear and clear, so that users can at the fastest speed to find what they need, from leaving a good impression.

2., your content must be valuable,

owners need to constantly update the site, promotion, optimization, spend a lot of valuable time, so the user’s time is precious, and provide valuable information for users with your precious time, not every day to do network porter.

3. examines constantly updated information to maintain your relationship with users


site needs to be updated to provide users with the information they need on your site in real time so that users don’t find the information they need when they come second times, thus losing the user.

4. site opens speed

site access speed is essential, I believe that as a webmaster you go to visit other people’s Web site will be deeply understood, this will not say more.

5. three clicks principle, helps the user to obtain the information quickly

generally, when you go to a website and click three times, you haven’t found the information you need. Basically, you won’t have the patience to look at it. So, remember that.

6. according to your industry, find your website features, the characteristics of play to the extreme from the color, not what to do, now small webmaster do things to specific, aimed at a single point, the point to do the most, you are the best. For example: the station released soft, you must consider the station network, because of the great features of this website is to accept all of the soft release, you can take a look, non stationmaster net release their own things basically accounted for 80%, so this is a very obvious characteristic of his.

7. adds interactivity and keeps your users


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