August 5

No technology how to choose a program to do a station two

has previously written an article that is behind the comment, not written in full, because that would have prepared written two articles, this article is to add an article, hope these can bring an outline of the novice webmaster to understand.

in addition, no technology is what? If there is no technology, I believe I can not see this article, and generally still more or less understand, a little may be DIV+CSS. HTML. Change a template, if you want to achieve their own needs for two development, not, and I believe that the majority of the webmaster is this type.

now begins to add:

one, blog class site.

blog class, I personally feel better blog system is absolutely. ASP has Z-BLOG, must write blog, must know the name of this blog, I also opened a blog before. Later, I did not want to maintain. So I stopped writing. There is no denying that the popularity of this blog is quite high.

PHP is WORDPRESS, this blog system popularity is also very high, I once in job search, even had mentioned, said to optimize WORDPRESS. But I haven’t built it myself. How exactly is it?. It seems that many companies are using this product to do foreign trade. Interested friends can go to know,


two, online shopping station

online shopping mall, now I guess the most famous is SHOPEX this product. I also remember Kang Sheng also have a system of online shopping mall, if not mistaken, later called ECMAILL doesn’t operate, if sold, is sold to SHOPEX this company, is not specific, I am not very clear. Anyway, if you’re using it as a station, this SHOPEX is a good choice, PHP+MYSQL.

seems that ECSHOP is also the product of the above company. ASP.NET version, here you can recommend a dreamer shop. Dreamershop, I haven’t tried it. I just read it online. I can try it if I’m interested,


three, DIGG model station

DIGG model is the last year for many things, involving this model in CMS, but the pattern as is the main form of a website, this website is still relatively small, about DIGG station program there are many, most of them is the English version of the Chinese version.

I used as an example, PHP version of the PBDIGG is still a good version, and now the latest is 3, also integrated UC, if used for entertainment version, is a very good choice.


ASP version looks like WODIG, no >

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