August 5

5 basic ways to improve website advertising revenue

I’ve been thinking and practicing how to improve the benefits from the Baidu alliance and Google Adsense recently. This is my latest summary. Is the basis of the vast majority of birds may already know this, but especially for newcomers. These approaches are appropriate from the point of view of improving the advertising revenue of the website.

the theme of a web site determines the unit price of advertising and determines revenue.

different topics of the website, advertising income difference is very big, for example, car, in the online understanding of the car more people, directly from the Internet to buy fewer cars, online advertising car manufacturers less. So the car is hot, but the advertising price is low.

, such as English training, although the profit margin is not as large as the automobile, but there are many people who participate in English training online and there are too many advertisers, so the price of English training advertisements is high.

personally, I think that the impact of thematic value on advertising revenue is far greater than the impact of website traffic on advertising revenue. Do English station, 200IP can earn dozens of knives a day, do Chinese station, 5000IP only 8 a day to knife (average)

generally, how much is the click rate of Google ads? 1–8%


two ad position

advertising position completely determines the click rate of advertising, the article website, for example, the article put 336*280 is recognized, the highest rate of hits. Some people are always complaining about the low earnings of an ad, perhaps because the advertisement is not in a good position.

The color of

three ad

keeps the advertising color consistent with the body color (advertising headlines and article titles, colors, sizes, ads, descriptions, and the text of the text), bringing a lot of hits. Most of these hits are late and late, and it’s difficult for advertisers to accept, and it’s hard for the advertising League to accept. Therefore, advertising colors and text color consistency is not the best way, for example, Google Adsense has SP mechanism, too late will lead to Adsense account of the overall unit price reduction.

advertising color and text color always in the Chinese station there is a great advantage, because Chinese users actual operation ability is relatively poor, generally not clear is that advertising that is content, thought content and results are the advertising. Most code stations (qzone code, school code stations) advertise in a consistent color scheme and earn high returns.

I recommend that advertising and text have some differences, and do not affect the beauty of the page and the efficiency of web pages. I’m now using JS more for advertising, and I can always change the color of the ad, and, of course, Google Adsense also supports changing the color and size of ads in the adense account.

four traffic,

is based on the topic already defined, >

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