August 5

Ma Yun to the world all entrepreneurs success comes from simple

entrepreneurs without first, no, no big, no small, everyone is in the same running line, often the simplest, the most easy to succeed, because the simplest, most likely to be ignored.

entrepreneurs need to have a dream first,

Ma Yun said: "I think entrepreneurs must have a dream, this is very important, you have no dream, and to do so, others want you to do is to do good, to be strong, second have no perseverance, perseverance is not good, from my own experience, every time I business, there is a process of good ideas, but often you go to where it is not necessarily better. So you have to tell yourself that the road you walk is full of things that you see every day. I started the yellow pages in 95 years, and then began to do business as a Alibaba, I think I have bad luck anyway, this is not, and that is not, anyway, do ten years, bad luck does not matter, perseverance is very important. The so-called perseverance is your best hope is a failure, you do not expect your success, this may be with you ideas are not the same, I think for me from the first day to start now, I always remind myself of this sentence is, I venture to experience, and not to the people, the is the same, is to go to a place, is the crematorium."

the relationship between entrepreneurship and reading

"a lot of times entrepreneurs don’t start business because they don’t know what they’re doing, and when you get it, you don’t even start.". The book is not much to read, but afraid not to read in society." "Scholar entrepreneurs often face the same problem, he is always from the macro to the micro, according to the national and international economic trends can be predicted by some business direction, this particular academic, often I hear very excited but I don’t know how to do, in fact sometimes trend may not be good hello. The trend is not good not bad you."

service is the most expensive product in the world.

all start-ups are facing the problem of retention and development, and some enterprises want to get started quickly bigger and stronger, enterprises want to survive, then the first idea is to do well, not bigger. We do e-commerce business, is the service industry, service is the world’s most expensive products, best service is not the best service, the service is not in need of services, improve a good system the most important. From China, service is the most expensive product, and service is also a trend in the future. However, the ultimate goal of service enterprises must be to let your customers do not need services, so that enterprises can do a good job. Honesty is not a sales, not a high empty idea, is it, little details, integrity and shall not be sold, can not be used as a concept.

start looking for the right person,

when you start a business, don’t look for a star team. Don’t put together some successful people, especially those who are 35 years old and 40 years old, who already have money, and those who have succeeded have succeeded

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