August 5

Where is the grassroots station

more and more people join the ranks of webmaster, one after another, more and more people in the webmaster industry down. Grassroots webmaster whether to polish eyes, look at the road ahead, where, how far can you go?

one, subjective disadvantage,

1, human and financial resources

most grassroots webmaster, once had great ideals, beliefs, and then emerged a large number of local stations, industry stations. Webmasters worked hard to do the site, and spent a lot of time to collect content, spent a lot of time to do rankings, but, after a few months to find that the development can not go on.

content: all the content of the collection, there is no way to retain visitors, jumping out of almost one hundred percent.

even friends can’t even collect. Collected out, Baidu or not to you included.

ranking: contact industry station, portal station, only to find that the original ranking is not so easy to do up.

large web site, because the structure directory is complex, keyword distribution is various, not simply as enterprise SEO is so simple.

2, development direction

we are the self-motivated, even more ambitious, we also hope we can do second long lane, second floor 19, but because the first point above, we will start the wrong direction.

no money? Well, there’s no money to operate without money. You can not do other things every day, in the forum post, send advertising in free classified information, you can also choose how to operate several methods of integrated marketing network in front of me writing, can not succeed, then what the hell.

personal operation? Well, or your ability is very strong, you can edit, SEO, art, programming, professional knowledge as a whole, then you can try. Of course, or that sentence, if you can succeed, then resigned to it.

because there is no funding and team as a prerequisite, what kind of Web site should be done, we need to think carefully, otherwise, the first to do all will be useless.

two, objective inferiority,

1, Baidu’s own products Lord it over a district

encyclopedia, know, library and so on, because its weight is high, occupied a lot of rankings we can use. Of course, if your website weight is higher, also need not be afraid of these products. As you all know, there is a big difference in the percentage of hits between first and second, so we have to complain.

2, Baidu open platform

this is again after the first point, a more grass-roots webmaster headache Baidu products. Let’s see what the Baidu open platform is:

search for Nantong weather, first of all is >

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