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first, I am not Wangzhuan master, here are just some of my little experience, as long as you don’t throw egg I’m satisfied.


three.    GG; don’t cheat







ten.    outdated money section is a good place to YY knowledge in middle school





      although the spring property in Beijing in full swing, but this "palm exhibitions" also attracted attention. After the meeting, the real estate developer for real estate video pocket advertising produced a great interest and recognition. It is reported that "palm video exhibitions only" "Mohome charm real estate", in the print media, the Internet, mobile Internet, Netcom information layer, electronic magazine "whole media real estate marketing" an important component.

      "Mohome charm real estate" will be advertising industry lines and mobile Internet common extension, so that a variety of advantages of integrated marketing successfully promulgated, more attractive property will be more attractive!

    not long ago, in Beijing East sanhuan shipbuilding Hotel gathered in a number of real estate industry to participate in the "new Beijing property market real estate news China 4th anniversary celebration and" Mohome charm estate "brand promotion". China real estate industry association director Wang Ping, Secretary of the Specialized Committee City long bodied estate group chairman Xie Qiang, Ren Zhiqiang Hua Yuanfang, President of real estate Cosco Real Estate Development Company Limited General Manager Li Ming, the new Hualian Group Beijing New Hualian Holdings Limited vice president and party, Beijing Renji real estate development group company Vice President Zhao Suopeng, Beijing Vanke Ltd. and many other well-known real estate developers to 11. Will Beijing mohome Co. Ltd. shows "Mohome –360 handheld video charm estate exhibitions". Although the phone screen is not large, but after high definition processing and processing, chord background music is very attractive. When the models who entered the banquet hall with elegant pace, the hands of guests concentrating on looking at the scene of the mobile phone models, all developers felt again that now is the science and technology service and mutual promotion of the era of industrial entities. The real estate industry provides high cost performance for science and technology, and the technology relies on entities to be more dazzling. Real estate into the real, gone mobile phones, into the mobile Internet, so that mobile users stay home "bird’s eye view" of the community environment, Huxing classification, decoration, real, club functions, investment potential.

    "Mohome charm estate" effectively opened the first page for users of China Mobile video ads, mobile value-added hot again since 2003, the number of users like cell division growth, the use of the WAP service users more than 30 million. source: WAP digital business market research and Strategy Analysis Report 2005 after adding video version, advertising, high positioning point precision delivery, the effect is obvious, the user browsing time free personalized, or that sentence, "convenience" and "convenience" of all enterprises.

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