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How do you get a good price for the company Connections are sometimes more important than productsDo

if you have found a profitable way, don’t chop and change, the most important thing at present is to copy, your profit model, with each copy of your, your technique will be more and more skilled, the first three months to successful replication, slowly becomes even two months. A month’s time, you can also create a profitable site. Get some money you in this way, you can go to explore many things unknown, no more touch >

it’s hard to say if the founders of these companies don’t have enough technology, connections, resources, and whether their company can be bought for tens of millions of dollars. But it is clear that good connections are good for nothing.

unfortunately, I didn’t realize, wanted to touch the broader market, the results of this several years of time to delay, I try to do a lot of industry, all ended in failure, now seems to be back home, at the crossroads of don’t know go. Many webmaster estimates and I have the same experience, it is looking for profit, but that income is not ideal, and continue to explore new profit point, finally nothing. I am a typical case, struggled for so many years and when I go back to the left with nothing whatsoever, look at the experience of their own, feel it very silly.

products are more important than contacts for large-scale mergers and the founder’s exit, but it is necessary for technology start-ups to recognize as many people as possible.

, 22, founded Miller, Branch. He has built a brilliant advisory panel for his start-up company, including Twitter co – founder Williams and Stone. Recently, Branch was bought by Facebook for $15 million.



there was a time, I feel very confused, in recent years, deeply appreciate the hard to do the webmaster, do webmaster at first, do not feel so difficult, but also find some profit point, then bigger and more difficult to find, but a somewhat restless, can not find the direction the past few days has been to what is going on. Calm after a few days of thinking, finally found a problem, when you go to a certain stage in an industry, you will consider further, to find a new breakthrough point, do not do well, and you could not find a new breakthrough when you start confusion.

website is the most taboo to chop and change, to explore more esoteric things, as one of the immediate site, if you have found a profitable way, you only need to copy this crazy profit model. On this point I mentioned before, if you do a site, the site every month can bring 1000 yuan of income, then you have to do is to copy the same website to do ten, twenty, or even thirty of the same site, can do the same for the ten the site, a month income is ten thousand, twenty will be able to income of twenty thousand, while the thirty site can profit thirty thousand.

first, entrepreneurial team must have a "personal representative", he can on behalf of the company and the product external position, when M & a contact, also need such a staff to explain the unique price > Product and company to M & a party

mobile Internet industry mergers and acquisitions have emerged recently. Some startups at a high price married at the same time, some products have a good startup company, but eventually put up the shutters. Why are the fates of these companies entirely different? BusinessInsider, a US News Web site, analyzes that sometimes people are more important than products in terms of new startups that are expected to be bought. For different scale of mergers and acquisitions, the weight of connections and products have different impacts.

Jacob-Mullins can be considered for this problem have deep understanding, he is Exit-Round’s CEO, the company specializes in large technology companies and small start-up companies, the two sides can contact mergers and acquisitions. Mullins firmly believes that the importance of contacts for three main reasons:

in fact, this is very simple, but often ignored by us, when we operate a successful site, we are not thinking of how to replicate their success, but to spend more effort to study the new market, wasting valuable time. I have made such a mistake, two years ago, I have over two different items, and profitability is OK, if I go to copy this model at the time, now estimated at least dozens of simultaneous operation of the site, the site is nothing more than the previous hard, once up, keywords competition is not very intense, every week to maintain a sufficient, simultaneous operation of twenty or thirty sites and not so difficult.

recently, on this topic, BusinessInsider also conducted interviews in Silicon Valley. Many people say that networking and products are both important for new technology companies, but for small acquisitions, networking is even more important than products. Among them, the identity of the early investors, will be decided after the acquisition of fate.


Stamped, the founder of shlf1314’s former staff, was also bought by another former shlf1314 executive, YAHOO CEO Meijer.

Potter Dan-Porter is currently providing guidance to the new company, which he used to transfer $two hundred million to Zynga, a social gaming company, for his own company. Potter said that a certain scale of mergers and acquisitions success or failure depends on the founder of the network, as well as know the company’s scope of personnel. If the acquirer knew the company before, and that would reduce the risk of acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions would be easier to reach.

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