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Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government of


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Liu Yinchun said at the launching ceremony, Beijing is currently firmly implement the strategy of innovation driven development, global gathering of innovation resources, optimize the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, and strive to build the national science and technology innovation center, in a wider range and higher level to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation".

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Shen Zhulin wants Beijing to continue to play high-end talent accumulation, strong technology base, in accordance with the overall arrangements for the development of innovation driven strategy, based on national science and technology innovation center, a comprehensive reform and innovation of the experimentation area, Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration strategic positioning, take measures to promote the innovative entrepreneurship development.

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news agency, Beijing reporter Yu Lixiao in June 6, a support for the development of artificial intelligence, the size of funds amounted to 500 million yuan in Zhongguancun Venture Street management industry fund, 6 in the "2017 officially released Chinese Beijing Railway Station ring ceremony.

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fund is a professional risk investment institutions in Zhongguancun Venture Street’s core business, located in the "smart +" based high-tech industry start-up and growth stage of enterprise investment, to promote the industry chain and innovation chain management integration base.

in recent years, Beijing City, Haidian District public venture, the highly innovative achievements, in 2016 new registered enterprises of about 3.3 million, an average per working day was born more than 130, of which more than 90% are private enterprises, more than 19 thousand belong to the science and technology, cultural and creative enterprises.


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, deputy inspector of the high tech division of the national development and Reform Commission, said Shen Zhulin, China’s innovation and Entrepreneurship of steady growth, structural adjustment, promoting reform and increasing employment role is becoming apparent. Beijing City, Haidian District is the national innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere most concentrated, the most complete, elements of science and technology entrepreneurs and venture capital institutions gathered most of the double heights, but also an important window for China management style to show the world.

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