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How many people are in control of early start up companiesChinese enterprise website reviews automot


the reason is understandable, the company to develop, employees will have to increase. But how many people at each stage and how many people you can manage, the question may need to be thought very seriously.

when I ask those who come to me to talk about financing projects, and to take money to do what, one hundred percent will have a reason, that is, recruit people, increase the number.

"many entrepreneurs spend money on 50%-80% in their first year after they finance their VC, and then spend the rest of their money in second years.". After raising their funds, they will be ambitious to do three big things: 1, expand the office or move luxury office 2 salary increase, a substantial increase of 3, marketing costs surge. After that, they lost their money and were on the verge of life and death. Many entrepreneurs will regret spending money too quickly, "

looks at a micro-blog in nee nee:

| Yang Xuan


brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

, a start-up company in each stage how many people, the problem is more complex, need to case by case, but the salt technology columnist think, there are several day most startups are applicable, welcome to explore:

1. does not have more than 3 founders unless it starts as a star sized project, similar to millet.

2. before the investment, if there are profitable business, the number of not more than 10, if there is no profit business, the number of not more than 5.

1, industry characteristics

is the number of start-up companies, to help friends and I always start, first I also puzzled why a company to do something, you need a dozen? Why CEO how a cut, cut in half the number of companies inside what? Even front, HR, have their own to do. Later it became clear that the number was not a necessary condition for success, and that the number was even at some point inversely proportional to the success of the start-up company. "It’s interesting to know a buddy," he said. "Jin Yan, I’ve summed up a formula for a startup to boost the efficiency by 3 times. I heard it and felt like that.". At least very interesting, understand people can refer to, do not understand people can win a smile.

3., after the first investment, no more than 5 million yuan, if there is no customer service and a large number of sales staff, the number of not more than 15.

1, assuming that the company had 50 people, was inefficient and always felt

says is very reasonable. There are probably thousands of reasons for failure, but most of the companies that have failed to invest have gone this way.

EOE’s Jin Yan has written a passage for your reference:

startups improve efficiency by 3 times: empirical formula:

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