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4, plus some new organization of the group, I think this is very useful Oh, we all get together for a chat situation, learning from each other, which is all good collection, also can increase the popularity ah, hey, Why not?? I have many small sellers friends now, there is a local field everyone, nothing on the Internet together, chat, what needs to be directly in these sellers to sell, save a lot of things, but we all know each other.

1, shop at the beginning of what all don’t understand to the Taobao community to learn, like the class for a laptop, that take notes seriously, do you know the symbols, which are the key to be aware of the so-called enemy awareness, ha ha.


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2, write a post, if not written more and more school, then replies, oh this is very important, this is to do something every day basically some of our novice, of course, many predecessors have already written a lot, I will not repeat them in this.

in late April 2006, the computer world media group, "chief marketing officer" magazine’s Chinese Precision Marketing Forum held in beijing. NarrowAD, Focus Media, bokee, sh419, air network, excellent learning network, Emay ten units won the 2006 China cutting-edge marketing platform TOP10 awards.

"advertising" is the first Chinese network targeted advertising, through precise matching advertisers advertising "Keywords" and "the contents of the article, which can direct put on Sina, NetEase, xinhuanet, and other more than 3000 domestic first-class website. For example, a car sales advertising, can be targeted delivery to the "car" the relevant web page, and will not appear in the "Sports", "women’s health" and other related web pages, can accurately target customers, achieve precision marketing network advertising.

was affected by the traditional 4P theory, all the people will have a target market positioning is very clear, but in the advertising platform, to achieve precise positioning is quite small, or that can not meet the needs of different vendors. Using a mobile phone marketing as an example, if you want to make me feel attracted or Cai Yilin "fans" participation, through traditional advertising media operations are actually quite laborious. Through the "advertising", the spread of this orientation is possible. Advertisers only need to input "make me feel" or "Cai Yilin" in which keywords can lock their "fans", even the different advertising campaigns for different "fans". This "precision marketing" and "advertising" is certainly more effective.

6 is very important, it is important that you baby quality must be better! No matter what was said above are just additional conditions, the core competition is your product, it is your shop production source of power, so you must ensure that the quality of his. This can have repeat customers, if the baby is not good, you think how may produce repeat customers, and how to let repeat customers, but come back customers, so do not try ah?. Be sure to avoid by all means,

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5 Oh! Since September 2004,

at China Precision Marketing Summit, Zhang Xiangning put forward. "NarrowAD" narrowad is the value of traditional media cannot be directed, not the depth of the development focus of the flow of resources, through the customer with accurate positioning, focus and orientation of ads.

3, the use of online Wangwang, will take a long time, it is of no use, to add as many friends, want to fine classification, the buyers, sellers are separate, send group messages when nothing, of course, in moderation, do not let people off.

online shop is important passenger flow, how to improve passenger flow, listen to me carefully.

consulting, many big sellers, many sellers are very enthusiastic, you ask them some questions they basically will tell you, but this can make a lot of friends!! can exchange connection with them, you must know their daily traffic is very large, if the they see you that chance a lot


advertising network narrowad since the launch of "advertising" has opened a new era of network advertising, its advocacy of "accurate delivery", "do not click, no charge" of the new model has attracted 3000 home network media to join, the number of users more than 30 thousand Internet advertising platform, as required. This delivery model has the advantage that the advertisers can more accurately and realize low-cost advertising, for example, a car manufacturer, in Sina, NetEase, TOM, china, xinhuanet, and other more than 2000 media websites and all only "car" or "car" related "and launch. Advertising can not appear in the" independent "beauty" and so on. NarrowAD and completely free in the more than 2000 media display, click only charge for the lowest 0.2 yuan / click fees. Not only to achieve the breadth of coverage, but also to achieve a precise delivery, so that the advertising effect greatly improved, while marketing costs fell 10 times.

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