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265 single ring click class ads new on line The Tao do two years on how to do a lucrative Taobao gu

Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256

again, the choice of products, online shopping users to buy the most is what the mainstream people participate in online shopping is that, according to the selection of products, selected product popularity, credit stores and commissions are directly related to the level of your income, you also have to take into account the competitors. Many Taobao guest people do, what their products are selected, whether they can compete over you choose products and keywords, but to avoid the hot competition, the competitiveness of products and choose relatively small keywords to do the same good income.

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promotion advantage:

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

2, advertisement material form lively, click rate is high, suitable for life type website launch.

second, understand how much commission, Ali alliance setting is 1.5%-50% different products have different commissions, the same product in different stores have different commissions, single product price ratio is multiplied by the commission you spread this product revenue, and finally to buckle to Ali’s 10% service charge. Income is your final income, 15 per month to transfer your Alipay account.

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I can wade webmaster circle is also from Taobao customers come in, just entering the industry this industry also Amoy Amoy was started, Ali mother also grow in a step by step, I was feeling the stones, Ma had to admire the introduction of Taobao customer this marketing model, let his Taobao Wangzhuan a pot filling, more let Chinese million webmaster grassroots Internet users for its crazy hard result gains are taobao, believe that most webmaster and Internet users not earn money, freedom of the minority to earn money, we have analyzed the mystery, have analyzed those who make money from Taobao customers how to use it to make money and why, and most people act as taobao free slaves.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

, thank you all for your partner’s support for the league,


3, the expression of their single status, also hinted that he is a "confident" singles proud singles, with an open positive attitude, know the other single friends, may be able to establish a new relationship between the unexpected.

4, life, shopping, dating sites priority through.

first need to understand what is Taobao? How to make it? It is a CPS paid by selling advertising, only someone by your guest links through Alipay payment transactions you can get a commission.

welcome all your partners to take part in it, increase your efforts and get higher commission.

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1, a wide range of users, to live shopping as the theme, especially for shopping, dating, life sites.



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single ring from the beginning of April 2005 sales in Sweden and in the Scandinavia Peninsula Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, the general term has achieved some popularity. Then it was gradually spread to Europe, the Americas and Asia. It is " Nikkei Marketing Journal" selected as the 2005 product concern and set off a boom in Japan in 2006.

understand these, you can be considered to have a preliminary understanding of Taobao customer, want to make money on the primary understanding is not enough, to do a Taobao customer need to have a lot of money before, wrote an article on how to go off the novice webmaster from Taobao to SEO. Here today to share how to use the site to make money off of Taobao, then the other to avoid the hot Creek, choose some distinctive products such as wigs, hair loss prevention activities, a lot of if you look carefully, the depth of processing can describe introduction and evaluation, which are written by your own. Then do a single page website up, then the promotion of this single page website, master money is through SEO optimization keywords, ranked up flow up, turnover is also much, suggest you don’t understand this platform A5 look at others’ experience SEO. We also have to learn marketing, I believe that coupled with your slaves, coupled with your insistence, you can also earn your first pot of gold on Taobao customers.

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