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Thousands of otaku watching Liu Yan entrepreneurs how to start from the VR liveAunt firewood can tak

in pepper on the VR live broadcast, so that more people began to pay attention to this field. Liu Yan live broadcast only 30 minutes, fans attention has more than 4 million people, two hours of live, 6 million Chinese people at the same time online watch the live broadcast. For thousands of Indoorsman, live VR provides a close contact with the goddess of chance, it is a fresh experience for ordinary people. After the heat has dispersed, what exactly does the VR live to solve?


mango TV in March this year, super!

, VR and mobile live is to satisfy people’s pursuit of a better visual experience. As pepper CEO Wu Yunsong said, "VR live people closer to a meter."". Open pepper, choose to have VR live content anchor, put the phone into the VR glasses, the anchor appeared in front of you, as if with you face to face communication.

VR live, and a new darling,

held last week Iqiyi’s live Qixiu conference, general manager of Iqiyi’s interactive entertainment division Xu Binbin said, "late will live in a mobile, people live on the scene, some live, some programs broadcast widely and the depth of the use of VR technology." And with OKAA, Insta360 to start Qixiu iVR+ strategic cooperation. Live broadcast of pepper in June 7th launched VR live platform, and free delivery of 100 thousand VR glasses.

for many people, VR live broadcast is a more exciting than simply live broadcast. "When you look at VR, there’s a change in social interaction. "I think there will be an immersive experience in the VR era," says Wu Yunsong, who believes VR will be a more advanced form of media. Immersive, people seem to be exposed to the scene, is the biggest expectation of VR live, but also become an important opportunity for many companies want to possess.

, and in the event broadcast, mango, TV, storm, Chinese culture, music, Youku, have joined the ranks of VR live.

Not the way

than earlier mobile broadcast using VR technology is the sports broadcast, live concerts, live shows and other important events and scenes, so that people can experience similar to the atmosphere and look through the VR device. "The moment I put on my VR glasses, it felt like I was at the Oracle stadium." A NextVR user described his feelings after watching an NBA game.

forward there is no opponent, otherwise there will be no more perfect themselves, management background in science and technology Chaike male opponents with a contest, gradually found CEO feeling.

new starting point is regression product

?The direct impact of the combination of


Abstract: earlier than mobile application of VR technology is broadcast live sports broadcast, live concerts, live shows and other important events and scenes, so that people can experience similar to the atmosphere and look through the VR device.

so many active users, for "aunt" it brought a very good wide!

will all the previous products abandoned, all the energy used in January 2012 on the line, located in a female physiological cycle records and projections of the application of female menstrual assistant APP, "aunt?".

last year, "the woman behind" sent Ma Yun to the NYSE, creating the myth of the world’s largest IPO, and again using iron facts to validate the business truth of "making women’s money easiest.". 1986 years of firewood, but in the way of entrepreneurship choked a few saliva, the seventh venture finally caught the commercial truth, set up a friend LOHAS Beijing Network Technology Co., Ltd.,

because of the girlfriend dysmenorrhea, firewood can be found in the female menstrual period there are a lot of problems need to be solved, so just be a "aunt" of the both tools, community and platform for female menstrual assistant software in December 2011, once on-line capture a large number of users over seventh times for firewood business the rapid injection of confidence, then the aunt do a stride forward singing militant songs, "aunt Kitty" in 2014, has 70 million registered users, 3 times more than that of 2013.

aunt you, founder CEO firewood can be "aunt?" the father, but also the domestic most understand "big aunt" man. "Aunt?" from a record of women’s menstrual period and other health indicators tool products, and later joined the community functions, to the platform changes, "aunt" on the user’s ability to greatly enhance the adsorption. Just past 2014, launched three years of "aunt Kitty" has 70 million registered users, registered users increased by 3 times than 2013, firewood to target this year, registered users reached 150 million, continue to double, has now received a $30 million C round of financing.

is a easy to keep difficult, so old, never a lack of mobile Internet era quickly became famous enterprises, but the enterprises also meet the eye everywhere flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, how to let the enterprise have sustained growth, is a more profound than entrepreneurial topics.

three-dimensional depth of the female menstrual health management service, let the firewood in the rich and professional knowledge, which is why people who donated lakes Title aunt father, he is considered the most know aunt man. The rapid rise of the angel surrounded, but firewood wants to go further, he said, if I really have that day, he just want people to give her epitaph reads: "he went for a generation of women’s life to provide help."

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