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Gong Haiyan on online education Why did make the two business transformationLuo Zhenyu trans annua

every year, is the major TV time for users attention to the highest point, of course, is not the entertainment star leading these music party.

in the investigation process, teachers have said, the best results of the children do not need us to manage, the worst children we can not manage, we will manage the middle. Classroom education can not take into account individual differences, online education can do such a supplement. In the past, this difference was remedied by various folk cram schools

second is the problem of left behind children especially serious. In my hometown, there are some schools where more than 2/3 are left behind children and a large number of boarding schools. Research, I also found a phenomenon, these left behind children at home, in fact, there are computers and networks, because at night to chat with the parents of the field of video. His parents also want to participate in the child’s learning process, but do not participate in, if through the Internet, left behind children’s parents can master the child’s learning. The students’ homework, students can see the test error, parents can see. Online education can really make children of migrant workers enjoy high quality educational resources.

2016, intelligent revolution come fast and fast, whether it is shlf1314, apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, China or BAT, no matter what is the original main business, we have heavy pressure in the artificial intelligence. Luo Zhenyu believes that the liquidity benefit from industry professionals, artificial intelligence does not improve the game player participation threshold, but reducing the participation threshold, the future will change of the relationship between social organization by the relationship between man and man towards man and machine.

K12 issues and opportunities in the field of education

is said to have the highest ratings in the evening.

Luo Zhenyu pointed out that in 2016 there is a kind of atmosphere in the air, that things are changing: the national version of the "new normal", Wang Xing’s version of "second half", Robin Li’s version of "the next act", and "a new version of Ma ping"…… In the face of a completely new giant, no one can find the right word to describe it. The point behind it is the same thing. People’s cognition must be iterated. "Grab cognition into the next battlefield, who can put forward new knowledge, who will occupy the future," Luo Zhenyu said.

first Eve

I think online education is the most effective way to achieve educational equity. At the same time, personalized education also needs to be done through the internet.

before doing "ladder net", we have done a lot of market research in various places. I feel that the first problem in the whole K12 education field is uneven distribution of quality educational resources. Why Wudaokou will become "the center of the universe", a square meter of housing prices to one hundred thousand yuan, because there are better schools. Parents have a lot of opinions, but also have deep frustration.

entrepreneurship is one of Luo Zhenyu’s finishing touches. He thinks running away


according to the Convention, Luo Zhenyu first reviewed on 2016, he believes that 2016 is relatively chaotic year, a political and business Black Swan frequent events, many flies in the sky of the boots are not fall; and on the other hand, the end of the demographic dividend, a new field called the time is my.

and the value of two businesses in the future is getting bigger: one is helping users save time, and two is to help users waste time on good things. At the same time around in time for the new currency business philosophy, there are two users access method: one is to let him become addicted, holding his time; the two is to provide services, optimization of his time. Therefore, the consumption upgrade around the service is the next stage of Luo Zhenyu’s prediction of consumer entrepreneurship opportunities.

is that the threshold for foreign teachers is too low. "91 foreign teachers" after the launch, feeling overnight out of more than 100 similar enterprises, competition is very fierce. We are now doing "ladder network" is a platform product, the operation is difficult, the high threshold for access to funds, millions and millions of people are not eligible to come in. My experience and resources over the past ten years will have a great advantage. As a "91 foreign teacher", I don’t have much advantage over a first-time entrepreneur.

Another reason for the change in the direction of

two venture in online education, I initially did "91 foreign teachers."". At that time think foreign teacher doorsill is low, do quickly. Pulling the investment, I found Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qiang. But Wang Qiang felt that foreign teachers market is small, there is no investment. It has a great influence on me. Wang Qiang is a new spoken master of New Oriental. He has spoken so long and his judgment should be more accurate. I began to consider adjusting direction, and finally re selected K12 basic education stage in this area, made a ladder network". There are 200 million primary and secondary school students in China. The number of spoken English learners is small and scattered, and the spoken language of New Oriental accounts for 2% of its revenue. It’s the two time to start a business, and I’m looking for an area of greater imagination.

does not consider profit first, develop user

and Shenzhen TV style but it seemed a bit out of the ordinary, it used a speech broadcast of the scene to greet the arrival of 2017, the protagonist is a little bit fat fat, he almost with personal support from the 4 hours of speech. Around 11 in the evening, Shenzhen TV ratings exceeded other major satellite TV, ranking first in the country at the same time.

this is Luo Zhenyu and his team held the second annual speech. He compares the "battlefield of time", "service upgrading", "intelligent revolution", "cognitive iteration", "post truth" to "the 5 largest black swans" in 2016, and their speeches revolve around these major parts.


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