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A hard to force the webmaster’s ten year pioneering road and insightsSilicon Valley people look at S

[email protected]: why do you choose the confusing monkey as the title of the book?

Garcia-Martinez: I’ve been to Y Combinator’s Demo Day many times. This activity has nurtured countless Silicon Valley companies and is the birthplace of my company’s growth". But to my dismay, almost every company is robbing white-collar or blue collar jobs and replacing it with automation.

I was the entrepreneurial orientation is engaged in Internet cafes, and soon a friend set down an Internet cafe, re decoration, the replacement of a new computer, then with a well-known Internet cafes, 7 in the morning to 9 free Internet business will fire up quickly. According to the trend at that time, less than a year can return to Ben, we are very happy. But a month after opening, good times don’t last long, in June 02 perhaps in May, Beijing lanjisu cyber bar fire, Internet cafes nationwide rectification, we also are affected, until November the official camp >


in my opinion, the Silicon Valley is like a group of monkeys who are constantly testing the society. The question is, what do we look like in the eyes of the monkeys? What are they doing to our society,

[email protected]: we know Twit>

this company is very famous in the province, even in the domestic industry is relatively well-known, once shouted "catch up with sina" slogan, also received hundreds of millions of investment, but due to the defects of the system, now has been declining, and I proposed to resign in after two years in the company, you want to start.

I never dreamed that I would have access to the Internet and have been doing it for more than 10 years. In college, I have seen only in the Jiu home computer, can play a simple game, but also saw a basic book, a line of code is not. My dream is to become a reporter, when the university entrance exam teacher advised me to apply for the foreign language department, if fail, can also be admitted to the journalism department, so unfortunately I admitted, and was assigned to a rather baffling language. not an English Department anyway

mixed three years later, I contacted the Internet, when the Chinese network has been listed, the advent of the bubble era. I remember the most is the embassy was bombed, a website called for the Internet together to attack the United States government website, I also print out the attached to the school board, estimated that few can understand, anyway, I will not engage in. Later, many websites launched, my favorite is to go to a variety of Web sites registered users, and constantly received a variety of gifts sent by the website, I feel really happy. Of course, I only browse the web, my relatives in the local chat room, had a crush on the chat, then the relationship between users is really simple ah, I remember the bad computer, a big brother called me to tell me how to repair the computer, went on for half an hour. In 1999, there have been many well-known personal website, I went to the bookstore and bought the frontpage, he built a station, or a frame structure, relatives and colleagues to help me open space in a network server, the binding of the two level domain name, and then upload it, my space is opened the. Just really do not understand the network, and do not understand the operation, are manually do a page, anyway, is playing bai.

[email protected]: we’ve seen a lot of things change in the last 10-15 years. If baseball is to be likened, we may still be in the first game, and so many changes have yet to happen.


"Chaos Monkeys" "chaos" is a monkey enterprises AdGrok founder and Facebook Product Manager Antonio Garcia-Martinez books, contains views on Silicon Valley venture in his years and experience. The day before, [email protected] Show interviewed on the channel, the following is the main content.


takes auto driving as an example. Truckers are the most common jobs in many states in the United States, as well as the way many non university graduates earn money to support their families. However, such an important task is disappearing. 10-20 years later, perhaps, there was no longer the job of truck drivers, and the development of self driving cars was so rapid. This is only one example of our economy, and there must be more important changes in the future. All this is Silicon Valley’s merit,

Antonio Garcia-Martinez:Chaos Monkey is actually a software developed by Netflix. The function of this software is to shut down their own servers, and I mean it. They will test whether the site can still play, for example, the house of cards. I said chaos monkey, the picture should be an excited group of monkeys in the data center and computer, beat.

if there is no network, maybe my life is another track. When the senior people are ready to graduate, but I am infatuated with network, then I feel shy, also cross major to apply for a Chinese professional, but not a good review, wanted to join in the Internet industry, the last two political. And I went to a local Internet Co.

Silicon Valley today is the zoo of these chaotic monkeys". They’re running around trying to end the taxi age, because they say, "look, with Uber, we’re all taxi drivers."." Or, "what do you want the hotel to do? As long as there’s a spare room, Airbnb can make everyone of us a hotel owner."."

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