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With pornography and violence as a magic weapon none of China’s video websites can make a profitSho

three, short video in what areas, too?

for the second half, there were three main keywords: vertical, depth, and commercialization. For the vertical short video is a good starting point, then to the pursuit of the depth, the past two years, in fact, the needs of users to go in depth, flow past performance is not very understanding but the depth of the content is gradually being welcomed. Knowledge of the depth of the video is gradually accepted by users, after which the emergence of change is commercial.

1, short video will reach its peak of life in the coming year,

Wang Liuquan believes that this pull out of the pioneering work, the real outbreak of short video should be in the second half of this year to the first half of next year, in addition,

May 5th, sponsored by the NetEase of science and technology "the wave of short video to gold" as the theme of the forty-eighth Wudaokou salon, instant video founder Wang Liuquan, two CMO Zhang Wenguang, TV founder Ma Changbo, known as the vice president of science and technology, where a StarVC investment director Yang Lin Yuan, quick content planning for Zhang Huicong, vice president orange entertainment operation autumn Wei respectively from the media, flow, operation and Realization of such key words as the starting point, to share their views in the industry since.

short video chaos is coming to an end and the second half is going to start.

Ho said that short video and text content today ushered in a special era, when the amount of information is large enough, everyone needs to make a choice. While the mobile Internet era has short video content value curve itself, such as information entertainment class, a very wide coverage, but such content get fans will not pay, because information is not scarce, so this is the logical content of entrepreneurship in the pig’s body, let advertisers pay.

                                                              & nbsp;;                                                  

      China’s online video market is still a leader. Due to China’s unique Internet infrastructure, network environment and national policies and regulations, nearly 200 video sites in China are still far from Youtube. However, just in the beginning, these video websites due to web content problems, facing the same embarrassing situation.

        many development problems of the video site

        with OPENV, uusee, tudou my music web site, were given millions of dollars to millions of dollars of investment risk, a video site so as if overnight "fire". Therefore, since the second half of 2005 to the end of 2006, only a year and a half, similar to the size of personal video sites have sprung up. It is understood that the current number of personal video sharing site has reached about 200. But according to the reporter, so far, to share in the domestic numerous personal video website, not only a video website can be profitable, and most of the sites there are repeated half of the video content, and involves a large number of pornographic and violent contents. In addition, there are many video copyright infringement problems.

        most video website content of "homogeneous"

        recently, the reporter in the browse some video sharing websites, found that most video sites are the existence of a large number of video content to repeat the question. The root cause of this problem is due to <

two, such as entertainment and gossip, doesn’t pay fans,

Wang Liuquan believes that the real time video short bursts or will appear in the second half of this year to the first half of next year, will the life cycle of the peak; he said a large red net or PGC really need is not a subsidy, but the greatest degree of exposure, a vertical field of discourse comprehension; Wei will fall really touched people’s hearts deep cut, very specific topic, and not only is the pursuit of the flow of large and complete; Zhang Huicong said the wind quickly is concise products through large data set results; Zhang Wenguang thought for a short video platform, we must find a point, be indispensable in this field; Yang Linyuan describe the content of pay forms like tax bureau in the new world, is a collection of cognitive tax; Ma Changbo believes that if you want to get the knowledge of short video communication, to meet the first stage Mood.

another direction is to make vertical depth content, so that fans pay. This is a nail logic, because the content of the vertical field to the extreme, enough to be scarce.

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