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Luxury goods will be Taobao’s next scramble for the cakeTaobao passenger directional flow is the key


one, get SEO through

3, have won the Cape of Good Hope huge statue of venture capital, to build luxury one-stop shopping platform

2, the intensity of competition — the words, in fact we are doing, how to choose the Taobao personal guest, as we do when the site optimization keyword analysis, is the choice of hot words or choose the precise words of

2, Hua Ping $100 million injection network

SEO now has become the basic skills of the personal webmaster, because through the search engine traffic is the most precious. Site optimization network tutorial innumerable marketing software like SKYCC, SEO tools can easily find. The author here only talks about some optimization key words should pay attention to the problem.

4, the recent joint policy empey A5 Adsense nets, Taobao alliance inroads into the grassroots focus, carry out 2 months of Taobao off contest, a bonus of up to million yuan.

because a lot of domestic alliance have buckle quantity problem, and shlf1314 is not stable now, so more and more stationmaster begin to try to do Taobao guest. I have been working on this project for some time and have accumulated a lot of experience. I am now sharing it with you.

5, by the way, "from 2005 to 2009, Taobao will feel better, and now we’re doing Taobao, not No."


1, Shang Jing net obtained financing 50 million US dollars

this article comes from:

4, breast, beauty, slimming, health care products has been the Taobao customer priority, but because these have been mature, after Taobao blocked sh419 spider, ruthless smashing advertising for Taobao to flow, the other part is on the third side of the traffic flow, such as Taobao, the Taobao customer competition or in the us here the main sh419 keyword optimization, the main competitive keyword either sh419 or gogole, or have been occupied, then we are difficult to squeeze in, why not go to the optimization of a now is not difficult, the future will be difficult words? Now luxury limelight Masamori, we also consider Taobao off and this is one reason why I watched the zern leather shoes and A5 do Taobao customer contest.

personally believe that the key to making Taobao customers is whether they can attract pure directional traffic. This reason is very simple, Taobao guest is using CPS mode, so come to the site of the Internet users must have a strong desire to buy, only valuable. This is why some sites thousands of IP a day without a penny, and some owners rely on dozens of IP, but you can earn more than 100 reasons. For the acquisition of pure directional flow, the author summarizes two methods.

1, profiteering products – such a single to get the Commission will be relatively high, and profiteering products, dispensers will also set a higher commission,

everyone in the choice of products, there will be a doubt, what products to choose? How to choose products

then we’ll take a look at some of the recent venture winning online shopping:

the above two methods seem easy, but really do need a certain perseverance. But when you stick to it for a while and begin to get steady traffic, you’ll find it easy to make money from Taobao.

since choose to do Taobao passengers, the optimization of the key must be put on the long tail keywords. Such as slimming products, want to put keywords slimming tea, slimming capsule, this kind of diet pills do not top powerful resource is not possible, but the word brings flow into the actual purchase of low probability. And similar to Taobao’s most cost-effective diet pills, the effect of the best weight loss tea wholesale and other long tail word conversion rate is surprisingly high. So in the choice of the long tail word must start from the consumer’s point of view, choose those who can bring higher conversion rate of phrases, although these words search volume is not high, but each IP may bring no small surprise for you.

two, active publicity to a specific group of

note that in the time of active propaganda should first send advertising, this will only provoke disgust, counterproductive. Smart webmaster to know soft marketing, use soft Wen the power to obtain passive wealth. If any webmaster does not understand the soft text writing, the article of A5 good research, there is an answer.

3, Taobao treasurer strength and to Taobao customers long-term support, also is the treasurer of products in the market is in rapid growth, don’t wait for us to do a website, flow after the dispensers are closed down, but the cup.

in order to sell things, you need to find the corresponding consumers. The weight loss products as an example, if your site users are probably a year or a quiet and modest maiden, not a single transaction. So when the site in the propaganda is also tricky, there are a lot of weight loss the theme of the Forum on the network, the gateway station is also related to the circle of with diet group, these are excellent directional crowd resources.

Taobao students choose which product they start with:

first look at a data: the World Luxury Association data released in June, Chinese visitors last year to buy luxury goods in Europe amounted to $50 billion, in June 15th, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian said that China will further reduce import tariffs, including tariffs in high-grade goods, the relevant government departments have reached a consensus on this. The World Luxury Association’s 2011 global market report predicts that China’s luxury market will reach more than $14 billion 600 million in 2012, ranking first among the world’s luxury consumer countries. Most famous luxury brands in Europe and America moved the focus of investment to china.

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