August 8

1 months financing 1 billion 200 million why not bring fire investors generally optimistic about c


in addition, there are squirrels, electricity, electricity and other small share of rechargeable treasure brand or financing. Even if the overall amount of financing can not be compared with the sharing of bicycles for the first half of the year, but the speed and financing efforts can be higher.


Abstract: when the return to the same role as the wired charger, poor charging rechargeable treasure there is still necessary?.

sharing charging treasure financing can not be underestimated, since the finance industry has reached 1 billion 200 million, from March 31st to April 10th, more than 10 days, 5 pen financing, over 20 agencies into the Bureau, close to 300 million yuan financing amount.

at the beginning of the May, small electric announced that it has obtained investment from Sequoia Capital led joint China fund and Gao Rong capital, 350 million yuan B round of financing Tencent blessing; "Hi" also said nearly billion yuan A round of financing in mid April, Chinese led by the speed of light, and the old shareholders with a well-known fund cast.

1, financing situation is good,

Dear members of alliance

SIG, which calls the technology to obtain the red dot China lead investor, venture capital, Scud nine chairman with the investment of $20 million A round of financing; street electricity obtained from IDG capital, sunwoda led billion level A round of financing; small power technology Tencent, Jinsha River venture, well-known angel investor Wang Gang led number million yuan angel investment; magic power, Hi also announced in early April financial news.

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shared charging treasure and shared bike are similar in all aspects, hanging in the name of sharing, favored by the capital, financing round after round. As of March, bike sharing financing has more than 6 billion, to May has nearly 9 billion, v-mobile and ofo accounted for about 8 billion of the amount of financing inside, other brands have bike sharing financing, but the amount can not be with the two brands.

2, "grab people" occupation, talent constantly


improve typing speed, work, life, chat partner.

1: release price debate: according to the active download. activation: switching or using an activation.
2: each successfully activated a Sogou input method, pay the Commission owners 0.1 yuan; seventh days after the activation of Sogou input method is still used, depending on the input method for the survival of a dog, then pay the owners Commission 0.7 yuan

data back installed 48 hour active data validation the valid data, survived 7 days return data for +48 hours 7 days to confirm the valid data. Holidays are postponed!

Alexa audit requirements: a quarter of the average ranking within the 10W

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network is always the fastest way to deliver the message, analysts and capitalists Early Show hidden basically completed, Wang Sicong and Chen Ou public mutual dislike finally put a charge share this new situation presented to the public. After sharing bikes, people eat melon and a new topic of tea a nice meal after the talk of gossip. President Wang and Chen Daiyan in the end the battle, this time who can have the last laugh? Capital investment game continues, despite the same hot pursuit by the capital and has shared the name, sharing and sharing of bicycle charging treasure is still different.

share rechargeable treasure industry from the beginning to the present, continue to attract people from all walks of life continue to join. The person in charge of the electric street Wang Zhe had us tour of Shanghai city manager, team street electrical line there are a lot of the original beauty group employees, Amoy ticket executives to join the original source electric Street > pictures from Ali to leave

one, financing hot, talent continues to exist problems,

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