August 12

The movie station within a month to 5000 profit sharing experience and flow

want to make the movie station, although it is now mostly a collection, but the page access speed is, the faster you think visitors to the site to see the film, though not so.

happened one day, I was walking outside the school playground, see everywhere is thrown away after drinking a bottle of mineral water. I was like a machine, I quickly went to the canteen aunt there, ask how much recovery under a bottle of mineral water, aunt told me 1 cents a bottle recycling price is five, it’s not that I found 2000 bottles can be sold for 300 yuan. However, pick up a bottle for those of us are adolescent students, his vanity and pride down is must do, if a beautiful classmate saw me pick up the bottle, she would laugh at me? This is what I thought for a long time, but I’m not going to pick up the bottle, where did I get the money to buy the domain name and space do my site, so I made their determination to my website can run smoothly, face what are ready to sacrifice, so every afternoon in our school near the playground, I mentioned a very The plastic bag, where is the bottle, I immediately rushed over to pick it up, because playing basketball in our school every afternoon, brother and sister, so one afternoon, I can pick up about 500 bottles, and so hold on, less than half a month, pick up the bottle a total of 500 yuan of money. The construction site can start my beloved work.

, 3 space

, 1 bottles of mineral water as I won the first capital of

. Buy a domain name is a very good thing, because I was doing a movie website, easy to remember for the first, if the domain name is in very good words to remember, to keep many of the visitors to the site for me, the chain is also very important, because the movie station to get high traffic, must do a search, congenital the chain some much higher weight than the domain name in the new domain name, so I chose to buy a domain name in the A5 forum, I found a domain name, domain name inside him is not very expensive, but also very fate, there is a record of the domain name.

The first thing is to buy the domain name

I was just a high school student, in the summer when, want to find a work can enrich my life, I usually love the Internet, have some preliminary understanding of Wangzhuan, so ready to do a movie website. This is not what small investment, big risk, if done right, can also be for the next university life to earn a living expenses. Do any business started to raise funds is a very difficult thing, because I was just out of school students dolls, monthly living expenses are entirely home supply, not much money balances. Do you have to buy the domain name and space, which at least 300 dollars. Because my family education is very strict. The family never just give me extra money, I think to do something

2, you must pay attention to buy the domain name

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